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Here's how I evaluate different programs:

income potential

Income Potential

How easy is it (really) to make money with this program? Is it an active form of income, or passive? We pull back the curtain on what it really takes to earn.

time investment

The Investment

Most online courses and programs pitch the dream of entirely passive income. But is that actually realistic? We give you a full breakdown of the actual time commitment.

market size

Market Size

What is the size of the market for these services? Is it something you can feasibly scale, or will you be stuck making an extra hundred bucks a month?

personal growth

Personal Growth

Most Important: how will you grow personally. Most millionaires will tell you, the money becomes less important over time. How will you grow as a person?

Current top business model choice: Digital Landlord

my #1 recommeded business model, Based On:

income potential

income potential

One of the most predictable
business models for hitting
$10K/MO Online

time investment

Time investment

Can take it as fast or as slow as
needed to fit your schedule.
Great part time option.

market size icon

Market size

Market for services expected
to grow by over $20BN in the
next few years.

"Businesses always need leads, They will die without them."



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My online journey started off like most others’ do. I was unhappy with an unfulfilling life and wanted something that would allow me to live life on my own terms. I’ve tried most online business models, so I bring a unique perspective to each of them based on my own personal experiences.