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Intelligent Outcomes for Success

Talent and Leadership Excellence

Unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance is the heart of our mission at Center for Work Life. A global training organization, Center for Work Life Orlando FL was founded in 2007. Our programs are designed to offer clients intelligent solutions to maximize their highest potential. In learning about Center for Work Life, you will discover that we develop and enhance key competencies leading to peak performance.

Learning is more than a classroom activity. The difference between good and great is usually a small change in behavior, which will in turn make a significant difference in the long-term success of a person, their team or organization.

At Center for Work Life, we provide experiential learning in any and all levels of the organization…

Top Performance

In life, we go through a pantheon of behavioral habits to which none of us is immune. Our training process is a form of behavioral training. It is certainly not designed for “misfits.”  Successful individuals don’t embody too many failings. And that’s a good thing because we hone in on the task of achieving long-term positive change by focusing on the few.

Being the premier executive coaching firm in Orlando, Florida, the top performers we work with here at Center for Work Life are outstanding people, invariably in the top two percent of their careers and organizations. They come to us because despite their immense success, they know they can do so much more.   There are many organizations that claim to have leader development, but in truth, don’t have the analytics to measure success.  The spirit of learning guides one to go from good to great.  By overcoming a small personal habit, or a faulty thinking process, they pave the way to their highest leadership potential.  Whether you are looking for leadership development for women, or leadership on-the job training, our leadership programs provides results.

Reasons one might struggle with personal challenges:

  • Do not recognize them
  • Have not been told about them
  • Are aware of but refuse to change them

Creating Career Success

We don’t work with psychopaths, sociopaths, or jerks. Our clients are not different from the most outstanding people in your organization or circle. In actuality, they are no different from you, except perhaps in that as highly effective people, they don’t want to accept their flawed patterns, and have made a commitment to growth. Many times the difference between good and great is that slight difference. Ironically, that slight difference ends up making a very significant difference in their careers, and their lives.

The faults are simple to correct. The fix is in the skill set of every human being. The task although simple, is not easy. They are basic tasks, but most individuals just lose sight of the many daily opportunities to employ them. We don’t work with just anyone. We are very selective and only choose to work with individuals that want us to hold them accountable.