Anger Management for Adults

Intelligent Outcomes for Success
While some adults are mandated by the courts to participate in an anger management program, most seek such help on a voluntary basis. Although anger can be a positive motivating force if channeled properly. For example anger can serve as a motivating force to make positive change. Anger can be a signal for discomfort. Anger can be a defense mechanism in dangerous situations. Our flight and fight reactions are designed very intricately in the brain as sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to help survival. As a guide, anger was designed as a sympathetic nervous system response to help us change our situation or setting. However in life, many behaviors are formed as a result of learning and learning can be both positive and negative. If you ever grew up with angry parents, or care takers, or otherwise long-term angry co-habitants or co-workers, you are unfortunately in a negative learning environment. On the other hand, unresolve feelings about events in the past, can also be a precursor for aner. And both of these types of anger, more often than not can be quite destructive. To those the individual is faced with, anger is a very threatening reality. In spite of the individual’s best intentions, an angry individual both at work and at personal settings comes across as irrational, disruptive and a liability.

When the negative consequences of anger have been realized, it is hard to overlook them. Displays of Anger becomes a habit and with time they don’t get better, but worst. Don’t let anger take the best of you and your opportunities. We are pleased to offer our clients the choice of working on their anger management issues individually, as part of a couple, or team or as a member of our weekly anger management groups. While there are many advantages to Group Training (including being more affordable), the chief advantages of individual and couples training are increased individual attention, privacy, and opportunities to explore personal issues at a deeper level.
Whether your goal is to save your career, your marriage, or your relationship(s), fulfill a court mandate, or embark on a journey of self-improvement, we can provide the anger management program that is right for you.