Importance of Leadership Skills for Effective Project Management

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Importance of Leadership Skills for Effective Project Management

A successful project manager is someone who practices effective management skills as well as strong leadership skills. That being said, leadership skills should not be confused with management skills. One can gain effective management skills through practice and experience. On the contrary, leadership skills are learned and developed. Responsible and effective leaders believe in developing new leadership qualities for complementing the ones which helped them become successful managers.

Here, in this discussion, I will talk about the leadership competencies needed by the project managers for effective management of their teams and successful delivery of projects. From this discussion, you will gain knowledge about practicing basic leadership skills, including team building, interpersonal communication, negotiation, and influencing skills, which are important in project management.

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Table of Contents

Leadership Skills for Project Managers

  • Communication
    Good communication skills help project managers in communicating effectively with eminent people at various levels, internally and externally. For leading any project successfully, you should be capable of clearly communicating your vision, objectives, expectations, and guidelines to others, but also creating an air of acceptance, support and confidence for both sides.
  • Positive Attitude
    A leader with a positive attitude is actually a delight to work with. Such a leader can motivate others easier through just the enthusiasm. Displays of confidence and commitment have a positive impact on the team’s morale and become the foundation for a productive and happy work environment.
  • Team Builder
    A happy and strong team is reliant upon good team building. For a project to be successful, the team has to work together to achieve a common goal, embrace diversity and resolve conflicts . Principles before personalities is the mantra that a good team builder can instill.
  • Decision Maker
    The decisions made by the project manager will ultimately impact the team members and the project’s success. In order to make decisions wisely. Decision making involves various stages and processes depending on the choice to be made. Good pre-requisites include good executive functioning, inclusivity, emotional intelligence and humility.
  • Problem Solver
    An excellent project manager must have good problem-solving abilities and be creative and resourceful in his/her approach to various common problems.
    For example, in the course of a project, you can identify the right individuals within your team, who can help you in resolving the problem effectively and quickly.
    At times, the actual skill lies in understanding the true concern behind the issue.
  • Gardner not landscaper
    While a project manager’s main goal is the immediate project, a leaders goal is long-term success of the team and the individual team members. So when it comes to the vessel through which the message is communicated, the leader has a voice of transformation; and results are incremental and goals are individualized and personal.

Overall, although project managers lead, not all project managers are leaders. However, we believe good project managers should be.
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