On-The-Job Blunders Lessons Learned

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On-The-Job Blunders Lessons Learned

Sure, we all make mistakes. Some of the most dreaded are professional mistakes. They are easy to make but the difficulty comes in finding the positivity in the faux pas. Here is some workplace wisdom from those who had to learn the hard way…

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Observe Carefully
Act like children when you start somewhere new and “hover.” Research has proven that those who try to jump right into the middle of the game without knowing the “rules” are unpopular and often fail. Those that are successful, first observe others and then subtly insert themselves. Don’t assume that norms at one place are the same as norms at a new place. Take your time.

Check Your Work
Never trust yourself. Your work? Check it once, check it twice – and then check again. Never underestimate your own capacity for error.

Show True Colors
Revealing who you really are can open up many opportunities. Take into account Jennifer Baumgartner. She was fascinated by the psychology of dress but kept it a hidden secret for fear of ridicule. After slipping up and accidentally forgetting to delete a website link to her secret passion, her mistake lead to an offer for a regular blog, a book, and a TV show. Show your true colors.

Act Equitably
Don’t let your desire for others to like you to cause you to act subjectively. Such as making unfair exceptions to rules for certain individuals because those exceptions will lead to significant conflict. Instead of asking who will or won’t like me for it, ask whether or not it’s fair.

Be Prepared
Know what you’re getting yourself into. Dr. Pamela Haag was asked to lecture on “women and WWII.” She assumed that she would be addressing a dozen young feminist scholars in a small room at a library. Much to her surprise, her audience was hundreds of mostly male WWII veterans. Half of her audience left, disgusted. Her anxiousness led her to being unprepared and consequently bombing.

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