Business Success: Take it from someone who’s been there

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Business Success: Take it from someone who’s been there

Becoming successful involves trial and error. There are lessons along the way and everyone’s story is different. It is one thing to be told which qualities to strive for and another to learn from mentors. Much can be gained from yielding to the advice of those that have traveled the same path. Below is a compilation of business success tips accompanied by advice from business leaders.

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Table of Contents

Business Success Tips:

1. Stay Focused
Did you ever have the kind of day where you just wanted to accomplish one specific goal, but at the end of the day you realized you were side tracked by a million distractions? Successful business leaders know the importance of staying on track. After experiencing financial loss when he attempted to launch a denim brand, Tony Hawk (CEO of Tony Hawk Inc.) said “These days it’s easier for me to turn down opportunities that don’t fit the brand. I have the confidence to say no.” He knows that his passion for skating needs to be his focus.

2. Have self-respect
“It’s better to do business with people that respect you. When you go around begging for favors, it doesn’t get you far.” – Daymond John (Co-Founder and CEO of Fubu). Remember that your product /service is of value. There are people who recognize that truth, so focus your attention on those people.

3. Transparency is key
A huge aspect of emotional intelligence is honesty, because it is a key role in effective relationships with others. If you are emotionally intelligent, honesty is important to you, therefore you know it is important to others. “As an entrepreneur, you are constantly in sales mode- you are selling to customers, investors, the people who work for you. But you have to be honest when things aren’t going right and you have to fix them as quickly as you can” says Robin Chase (Founder of Zipcar and Buzzcar). Clients, investors and the like may not be happy with a mistake you’ve made, but if you are honest about the facts, you maintain authenticity.

4. Be a risk taker
Vision is the first brick that must be placed when building your house of success. The hang up happens when entrepreneurs or leaders forget the value of their vision and in turn don’t take risks. Innovation and risk taking are the key catalysts throughout history that have led to the formation of the present, as well as determining the future. As quoted by Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group “Get on with it. If you fail, pick yourself back up and try another one.”

These tips are relevant through different industries. Look to the leaders in your life for similar helpful tips. Trial and error is inevitable, but the more real experience you utilize to dodge the trials, the less error you have to experience.

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