Stuck in the middle

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Stuck in the middle

Sallie is an energetic, forty-two year old, successful executive.  She is dexterous, loving and highly successful at what she does.  The reality is however that her home is not always the most relaxing environment when it comes to reviving her. Her days can become very stressful, very quick, and at times she wishes she lived someone else’s life.  Between making sure her stay at home, elderly father is properly cared for and being a rock to her recent grad who is struggling to find a decent job, her need for good work-life balance is high. Sallie who is referred to as a “Sandwich Generation Woman” is not alone.  There are many Sallies out there.  Fortunately, Sallie is an optimistic problem-solver. She is grateful for her family and is in constant search of coming up with ways to balance her time to be the best at what she does but also the best at who she is.  Needless to say, it is not an easy job!

It would be impractical to believe that this type of living situation would not be impacting Sallie’s agenda and performance. Like other Sandwich Generation employees, her schedule is overly complex and her usual high energy can very quickly be depleted.   On top of that, her financial goals are likely to be taking a beating at every turn.

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