Do You Really Need an Executive Coach?

Not everyone is in the business for an executive coach. “Executive coaching-personal training in leadership from someone who provides it for a living-should be used like a powerful prescription drug that works best under certain conditions.

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Do or Die Employee Management?

What Qualities Make a Company to be the Best to Work For?
To be named “the Best Company to Work For” is a highly esteemed honor and it’s only achievable if employees vote on this distinction.

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Looking for a Job

Combating the Unemployment rate

The March 2013 unemployment numbers are in from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and they aren’t exactly cause for celebration. Having only dropped 0.1% to a national unemployment rate of 7.6%, employers and employees have reason for concern.

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Steve Ballmer to retire from microsoft

“Ballmer Away Microsoft!”

Organizations are suffering due to high CEO turnovers. In fact, Chief Executive turnover hit a three-year high in July, as reported by The Hill. No company is immune, including Microsoft. The organization recently announced that Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer will retire in twelve months (BloomBerg BusinessWeek).

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