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Silence The Scandal

Silence the Scandal

Silence the Scandal Sometimes the root of conflict resolution seems as elusive as the hit TV show Scandal. Scandal’s Olivia (played by Kerry Washington pictured to the right) is often shocked by the actions of others, for example when Fitz doesn’t treat her with respect. This kind of shock, frustration and confusion is no stranger in the …

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Persuasion George Washington Style

EI & Conflict Resolution: Persuasion George Washington Style

EI & Conflict Resolution: Persuasion George Washington Style Persuasion is a key element of conflict resolution and negotiation. Being persuasive is also key to effective leadership. However, skills of persuasion don’t necessarily come naturally to everyone. With that in mind, below are some tips for persuasion. Tips for Persuasion: 1) Focus on emotional appeal2) Utilize the persuasion tools …

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How To Deal With People With Low EI

How to Deal with People that have Low EI

How to Deal with People that have Low EI No matter how resolute one becomes to strengthening their own emotional intelligence level, the fact remains that people around them aren’t necessarily emotionally intelligent. For that matter, even when aware of the emotional intelligence concept, people don’t always want to grow. That leaves an emotionally intelligent individual on …

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Lohan Persuasion

Lohan Persuasion

Lohan Persuasion Persuasion can be the dreaded “sour milk” of a conflict resolution “party” or the crowd favorite “fruit punch.” Persuasion can easily sour or strengthen a communication process, based on the approach. Tasting effective persuasion is the result of following the recipe correctly. And when two sides disagree, it’s easy for flavors to clash. …

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Leadership Negotiation Skills

Guess the Negotiation Wizard…

Guess the Negotiation Wizard… Recently, Center for Work Life addressed the topic of Leader Negotiation Skills on Blog Talk Radio. We explained the correlation between emotional intelligence, negotiation and conflict resolution. In discussing this topic, we also presented clues regarding an individual who is known for strong negotiation skills. If you missed this Blog Talk Radio chat, you can listen below. …

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Corporate Discussions

Mad Employee Wildfire

Mad Employee Wildfire Management Monday: Managing Mad Employees No one likes to talk about office politics, bad bosses, emotionally abusive coworkers, or people being shoved under the rug due to popularity. Sadly, these situations are symptoms of poor work culture and every company is susceptible, especially during changes in management like those happening at Microsoft or during acquisitions …

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Oprah Winfrey Leadership Qualities

Oprah Winfrey Leadership Qualities Yesterday on Blog Talk Radio, Center for Work Life held a live trivia session called How has EI helped an entertainment mogul emerge and explode? We discussed a globally recognized entertainment businesswomen and how that individual built her success on emotional intelligence. Though the chat was designed to be a guessing game, feel free …

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