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Legoland Leadership Potential

Legoland Leadership Potential Theme parks have taken a hold on modern society. They provide relief, fun, encouragement and inspiration for people around the world. They dazzle with genius rides and carefully constructed creations like a forty-three foot long Lego Star Wars X-Wing. However, these entertainment giants aren’t built overnight and they certainly don’t build themselves, not …

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Leadership Qualities Of Leon Leonwood Beans

Leadership Qualities of Leon Leonwood Bean

Leadership Qualities of Leon Leonwood Bean After 45 years, Chairman of LL Bean, Leon Gorman, has stepped down from his role at the organization. His grandfather and founder of the organization, Leon Leonwood Bean would surely be proud of the company’s growth in recent decades under Leon Gorman’s leadership. Great leaders are often developed through following the examples …

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Elon Musk's Leadership Qualities

It IS Rocket Science

It IS Rocket Science You’ve likely already heard of Elon Musk, but if you haven’t, this won’t be the last time you’ll see his name. As CEO and Chief Designer at SpaceX, Musk helped lead the organization to becoming the first commercial company in history to successfully recover a spacecraft from Earth’s orbit. As recent …

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BonnieaAnd Clyde Actions Excusable

Bonnie and Clyde: Actions Excusable?

Management Monday… Managing Leadership Change Glenn Llopis recently contributed an article for Forbes entitled Eight Clear Signs It’s Time To Make A Leadership Change. In this piece, Llopis describes meeting with leaders of a long established brand, and being alarmed by the immaturity and general lack of leadership ability displayed by the team. The informative …

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