Anchorman and Leader Negotiation Skills

EI & Conflict Resolution: Leader Negotiation Skills The movie Anchorman charmed movie watchers when it was released in 2004. Though approached from a comedic standpoint, it touched on topics like women in business and workplace conflict. Everyone laughed when Ron and Veronica hit each other with rude remarks in the movie, but demeaning comments between employees are far too common in the ...

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Emotional Intelligence & Conflict Resolution

This Blog has been featured by the West Orange Chamber of Commerce. Sources such as HLN have also been home to publications by Dr. Farnaz Namin-Hedayati and she has been cited by the Orlando Business Journal.  Statistics speak to the need for improved Emotional Intelligence in the workforce. The typical manager spends 25-40% of his or her time dealing with workplace conflicts. That’s one to two days of every ...

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EI & Conflict Resolution: Perception Management

It’s the holiday season and for the most part spirits are warm with joy. But holidays often bring poor communication and relationship stress between family and co-workers. During a time of celebration, no one wants to be bogged down by conflict, but sometimes it’s hard to move past. Many times resolving conflict is a big challenge due to pre-existing perceptions. In other words, even ...

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