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Hiring with Emotional Intelligence

By: Hope
By: Hope
Hiring With Emotional Intelligence

Hiring with Emotional Intelligence

Though the unemployment rate is holding near a five year low of 6.7%, Reuters reported job growth averaged about 195,000 per month in February and March (NBC). This is great news for organizations in need of more human capital and for job seekers. Or it’s bad news if companies aren’t strategic in their hiring procedures. Poor hiring decisions equate to high turnover down the road. In Turnover: The Real Bottom-Line, Dr. Sami M. Abbasi and Dr. Kenneth W. Hollman explain that turnover is one of the most significant causes of declining morale and poor productivity in the United States. However, when done correctly, hiring the right employees can lead to low turnover, a best places to work ranking and a successful bottom-line.

What are some consequences of poor hiring?

Sapped leadership and management energy
Lower productivity
Diminished employee morale
Financial costs in unearned compensation
Turnover cost when employees leave

What leads to hiring success?

Many factors play a role, but one commonly overlooked aspect of hiring is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is proven to have a direct impact on the success of employees. This is why employers are wise to consider emotional intelligence and utilize behavioral interview questions.

Considerations of Hiring with EI:

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