Communication Skills Training for Career Success

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In business, nothing is more powerful than effective communication skills…

At the heart of Professional Development is communication. Most communications we partake in are reflexive — like breathing. We talk to our spouses, kids and friends without giving much thought to how we’re doing it.

It might seem easy, but communicating effectively actually takes quite a bit of finesse. Choosing the right words, listening with our minds instead of just our ears, and getting our message across, are skills that we all need to work on.

At home and in social settings, miscommunication can lead to arguments. In the workplace, the repercussions can be far more serious. Poor productivity, unimpressive sales, unmotivated employees — even lawsuits — can result from communication breakdowns at the office.

As a leader, poor communication is detrimental in gaining momentum, influence and credibility.

Center for Work Life Communication Programs:

Powerful Communication for Leaders

As opposed to what many assume, leadership coaching is not meant for “problem employees.”  To wait for performance reviews to dictate your  development of your top performers’ performance plan,  is pure waste of talent if not a reason for boredom.  CEO Careers are changing fasting than they have in over many decades.  There is high competition over team leadership, and for executives to be in a better living leadership position, every individual needs to learn and acquire good leadership and management style.

This program is designed specifically for professionals like you. We’ve boiled it down to the most practical and most important skills you need to get your ideas across, resolve conflict, shine in meetings, persuade and influence others and that’s just a start! You will learn step-by-step how to’s for being regarded as highly credible, authoritative, and an individual that commands attention and gets things done. You will be armed with the tools and techniques you need to be a more motivating, more persuasive, and more effective leader. These are secrets of the world’s most successful and influential people!

Networking and Managing Meetings with Influence and Style

You have undoubtedly seen those individuals around the office; the ones that are always recognized for their work. They are able to walk into a room and immediately connect with people. When they speak, they are able to hold their audience’s attention and they have an air of professionalism and charm about them, which pulls you to talk to them again.

You know that polished communication techniques are essential for work environments and otherwise, and to be able to work with at least a handful of team members and to supervise hundreds, one needs to work more effectively with others and create better relationships.

No matter how small or how big a situation, in almost every circumstance, interpersonal communication skills are the key to getting recognized, having your ideas sold, and staying connected.

This program will teach you ways to strengthen your emotional bond with others, so that you are portrayed as supportive and as a trusted advisor. You will be able to quickly build connections and to gain skills that earn you respect and influence. Ordinary interactions will become memorable business relationships.

Communication with the Goal of Conflict Resolution

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You already know that individuals with excellent interpersonal skills are the ones that rise to the top of their careers and live more fulfilling lives.

Research has shown that neither intelligence, nor income, nor academic background has been linked directly to success.  In other words,  if you take two people with the same level of all of the above, but one with stronger Emotional Intelligence, the latter always gets ahead faster and goes further.  The good news is that Emotional Intelligence unlike general IQ can be learned!

Many of the top professionals who come across as naturals at the art of relating to others, are in actuality trained professionals who have mastered the ability to understand their emotions and the emotions of others and are best able to connect powerfully with others.  The ability to build effective professional relationships, to strike up an instant rapport, to communicate with tact, and to make a memorable impression are techniques that can be learned and solidified with time.

Essentials of the Art and Science of Dynamic Public Speaking

Whoever said they are a natural at public speaking, were telling untruths.  Between facts, data, tact, connecting with audience, memory, body language, technology, and audience issues, it takes a skilled and trained individual to be able to deliver a flawless product.  But, a flawless product you need, in order to be able to “sell” your thoughts and ideas and to make the inevitable response happen.  What is the inevitable response?  Making others take action.  That’s right.  No matter what your position, rank or status, when you get in front of an audience, you are there because you are an agent of change.  You are there to make others take action.

Many business people race through their careers unscathed by the negative effects of less than perfect public speaking.  Or so they think!  Occasional “Ums,” “ahs,” “likes” all the way to didactic, lecture type speaking that leaves an audience more tired than they came in, may seem insignificant, but on the reverse, whenever you see a successful, and influential figure-head who walks into a room demanding attention, power and fellowship, you are wise to assume that they are trained at the Art and Science of Dynamic public speaking.

This program is designed to provide you with skills to connect with your audience within the first 5 minutes of appearing, providing you with the hands-on tools to be eloquent in getting your point(s) across clearly and quickly, exude confidence, calm and coolness (both senses of the word) and to be tactful and practical in igniting questions within the audience and responses you provide.  From an audience of a handful, to an audience of a 100 to an auditorium full, we can help you gain the most crucial skills you will need to ace the presentation.

Instead of feeling like besides the research, and fact checking you have a mountain ahead, have the power of a trusted advisor on your side, who can consult, direct, and test through your presentation for all the nuances.

Communication Savvy with Emotional Intelligence

Chances are you have at some point during your career, been in a situation where you “lost it”. Whether you got angry, burst in to tears, yelled, said something you regretted, or said nothing and later got mad at yourself because you didn’t, the outcomes were not to your liking.

The truth is stress is a given, and circumstances are not always ideal.   As a professional handling situations carefully and with skill doesn’t come naturally.

We have developed this phenomenal program specifically to arm you with the skills you need to maintain emotional control at work and to manage the emotions of others.  Often times, corporate teaches us that expression of feelings is the way to go.  But building emotional connections to co-workers and decision-makers will not be possible without the expression of feelings.  On the other hand, the perfect response to emotionally charged situations is what brings positive results and not every form of emotional expression.

During this program you will be trained to discover which emotions could be holding back your career, which ones stress you out most, and how to harness them, so they won’t sabotage your career.

You will master step-by-step how to’s for dealing with typical workplace situations, like when a co-worker bullies you, pushes your hot buttons, or when you are unfairly treated, period.

The program will not change the circumstances, but will empower you to turn those circumstances and intense emotions into positive energy.  This is guaranteed to give you better results in every exchange with others.

Custom Training Sessions

Below is the list of our custom training programs which can be designed for both groups and individuals within your team.

  • Storytelling for Leaders – Learn to tell leadership stories for every type of presentation
  • I am Brand – For leaders at every level who want to communicate an authentic brand
  • Speak Like a CEO – Secrets for commanding attention and getting results
  • Make Them Dance – Communicate your strategic vision and inspire people to act!
  • Promoting a Culture of Energy – Proven strategies to energize you and accelerate your organization’s performance
  • Camera Ready – How to get comfortable and make a point with a reporter
  • Impromptu Never Is – Get on your feet and deliver every time
  • Powerfully Intelligent Networking – For professionals and executives who need to expand their sphere of influence
  • Finding Uour Voice – Understand your style and others’ – bold, expressive, sympathetic or technical
  • Can You Hear Me Now? – Elements of professionalism for male and female up and coming leaders
  • The Seller – Powerful tools for talking with customers and winning more business
  • The I’s Don’t Have it – Influence your team to rally around purpose and achieve common goals
  • Developing Your Team – Motivating people to adopt skills and behaviors that drive results
  • Vision Leadership – Drawing out your team’s vision and building longevity
  • Managing the people within – How to lead the individual
  • Leading the Viral Culture – Core skills for building a collaborative work culture
  • The Change Guru – Action-oriented strategies for managing and encouraging a team during the change process
  • Board or Executive Team Communication Training – Mapping the leadership team’s communication strategy and the essential skills to drive productivity and efficiency into meetings