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Team Building and Retreats

Last Updated: April 7, 2022
By: Hope
By: Hope

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Before we get into it... who am i?

Always good to put a name to a face, so firstly, my name is Hope!

Like you, I was stuck working 8-10 hour days building someone else’s dream.

I worked at one of those cool tech companies that has omelet stations for breakfast & craft beer on tap for after hours.

To a lot of people that’s a dream, but to me… something was missing.

All I really wanted, was to actually enjoy life – more vacations, less stress, buy myself nice things without worrying about the cost… but that was something my 9-5 couldn’t provide me.

That was until a few years ago when I discovered a way to make money online by actually helping real people. 

People in this case were local business owners across the US.

Me and My Puppy

The page above is an example of how I do it. That one-page site generates $1,500/mo and I haven’t even touched it since it was put up.

That’s an $18,000/year raise from just one page.

That’s why local lead generation is my #1 business recommendation for recurring, semi-passive income. If you want to learn about that business model, click here.

Important: I am not an affiliate

for the opportunity in this review

Why Does That Matter?

A lot of course reviewers have no experience with any of the business models or programs they review, and so they’re just making stuff up.

They do that because they want you to click through their link to buy from the person that the review is about!

They have no clue what it’s actually like to run the different types of businesses they write about.
I have absolutely no relationship with this program, so you can rest easy knowing I’m going to give you my honest opinion.
This review is written based on my own experiences with this business model.

All that being said, let’s jump into things.

Team Building and Retreats

Hiring Top Performing Teams on a Limited Budget

Unfortunately, the cutbacks at various companies have created the need for smaller number of employees doing the same amount of work in their organizations.  However, in order to be able to obtain the same effectiveness from the workforce, those employees are now increasingly encouraged to work in teams to collaborate and creatively share resources.  However, the question is, do these employees have the team player attitude and/or qualifications? At Center for Work Life, we recommend employers to assess for the team player dimension during the pre-employment phase.  According to a recent study conducted by the Gallup Corporation, within the thousands of teams studied, it was found that certain job applicants, once hired, had the ability to raise the engagement levels of their teams members, once dispatched to do team work at their positions.

There are four traits which are believed to be important factors in assessing employees in relationship to increasing team engagement among other employees:

vMobilization: The ability to mobilize people with decisiveness and genuine inclusiveness.

vClarity:  They reduce team members uncertainty by helping make clear the goal of the team and of each team member.

vRelationship:  They are more likely to help team members get things done, because their relationship with them is important.

vAffirmation:  These are people who have an optimism and enthusiasm that give others positive attitude.

By studying the individual employee engagement scores of each team member and the team as a whole, specialized organizations can help your company assess for the right talent which will dramatically affect your ROI in the employees you hire in the long run.  For example, our assessment tools are designed by corporate psychologists, who are specially trained in not only designing employment assessment tools, but also guiding and empowering the hired talent throughout their work-cycle, while employed at your organizations.  This tool, not only creates efficiency in the selection process, but also provides the employee a great reason to feel optimistic and engaged in their position and their organization.

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