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Employee Selection Program Works Wonders For Customer Service Firm

A customer service company was continually fighting an uphill battle with employee retention. It was typical for this company to experience a 60% turnover rate with new employees during their first 60 days on the job.

Excessive time and money were being wasted on the constant cycle of recruiting, hiring, and training with little to show for the company’s efforts. Having tried numerous techniques to improve employee retention with little success, this organization decided to take a different approach.

They chose to focus on hiring the right people for the job versus attempting to keep the wrong people “on the bus”. This customer service company discovered the power of the Success Profiling System.

After determining a proper benchmark for the position, they began hiring only employees who were a good fit according to the benchmark. Remarkably after implementing these procedures new hire turnover all but dried up.

The result: no turnover for the last 60 days. The reduction in turnover is not the only benefit; because new employees are well fit for their job position, they are happier, as are those around them.