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Marcus Aurelius Night Time Routine

Last Updated: April 7, 2022
By: Hope
By: Hope

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Before we get into it... who am i?

Always good to put a name to a face, so firstly, my name is Hope!

Like you, I was stuck working 8-10 hour days building someone else’s dream.

I worked at one of those cool tech companies that has omelet stations for breakfast & craft beer on tap for after hours.

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All that being said, let’s jump into things.

In this article, we will talk about the best benefits of the Marcus Aurelius Nighttime Routine. It is also known as the Marcus Aurelius nighttime ritual. We will discuss in parts its components.

Who was Marcus Aurelius? A Roman Emperor?

Marcus Aurelius is a man of morals. He is a Roman Emperor, very simple in all things. He loves simplicity and balance.

Since childhood, he had a disciplined way of life, not giving himself indulgences.

As a simple person, Marcus preferred simple things, like wearing a simple cloak and sleeping on the ground. He always enjoyed philosophical discussions, it was a part of his mind training.

Unmasking Marcus Aurelius Mysteries.

Marcus Aurelius is unsatisfied in amusement and he was a man of habit and a stoics. As a stoics, he endures pain or hardship of life.

For instance, he’d to ignore Lucius Verus’s mediocrity, withstand his wife Faustina’s infidelity, withstand misunderstanding from people around him, and the ugly character of his son, Commodus. The latter had the very best educators since childhood. However, he was very pampered; he became an absolute tyrant.

Marcus Aurelius left some work behind entitled “To myself.”

These are split into twelve-part books that emanate nobility greatness; in them is mirrored the whole generous nature of his high moral attitude that he offered throughout his life.

In these summaries, his philosophical conceptions of life are reflected:

Time for man living is a moment; its heart is irreversible floating; the sensation is vague. The framework of the entire body is perishable; the soul is unstable, fate? Mysterious; glory? Unsure.

Everything associated with the entire body, like everything connected to the soul, is a fantasy and smoke.

Life is a battle, and wandering in a different nation. But what can you get out from the harbor? Nothing but philosophy. to philosophize is protecting your intellect from scratches and usage as well as to put it above pleasures as well as sufferingsġ

Marcus Aurelius was confident that, ignoring human presence’s perishability, humankind must resolve issues associated with absolute values, and every man should shoot for such an ethic.

To him belong the words: Be zealous to complete the efforts you’ve begun doing, as befits a genuine Roman man, sincere and also wholehearted, with love for people, with a feeling of independence and of justice.

Marcus was also known as the last of the “Five Good Emperors” of Rome.

The Marcus Aurelius Nighttime Routine

Marcus Aurelius was extremely introspective & meditative. He’s known as the philosopher over the throne.

He professed Stoicism’s concepts, the focus within his notes getting on the ethical teaching plus appreciation of life from a moral and philosophical point of view.

“Everything which is the case with everybody benefits the whole,” he stated. The thoughts of the emperor philosopher are profound and simple.

One will be surprised at his spirituality and wisdom.

This golden paperwork tackled God, the world, and the soul was created at night when he was in an easy travel tent.

Like golden threads, they are the link between the noble Marcus Aurelius and all those who’ll perish over the generations.

These thoughts aren’t protected against the risk of non-existence since they’re accessible to humankind on most occasions.

The Contemplation

This is the very first aspect of Marcus Aurelius’ nighttime routine. The Roman emperor would usually question himself: “What would Zeno do?” while in his meditation.

Therefore, Marcus was considering what the role model would do, maybe when he’d come to making a crucial choice.

We certainly need role models these days. A role model must motivate you to be much better.

Who is your role model?

When we think of this particular question, we generally think of famous people with considerable accomplishments. These famous people invented and found something different and therefore changed everyone’s daily life and history.

Nevertheless, the people I respect don’t get caught up in famous people’s lives, even if you do find plenty of famous individuals with lovely ideas and great accomplishments.

My admiration is directed at the typical people around me, who aren’t so publicized, but who don’t cease to astonish me with courage and determination.

First, they’re the people who can embrace change with a grin on their faces and adjust quickly to new cases without complaining or even giving rise to tragedies.

I also love people who don’t wait to start from zero and re-profile themselves when needed to head into an additional field of activity, voluntarily or perhaps pushed by circumstances.

I have great admiration for people that show that the unimaginable doesn’t exist.

Admirable people are not fearful of the potential for failure or even what others say. They attempt, mistakes are made, and they do this until they’ve accomplished their dream.

Exactly who inspires you? Precisely who challenges you to be better, to do better, to dream more?

What would that individual do in a complicated circumstance that you might be dealing with today?

Well, these are merely some of the inquiries you can contemplate each night.

A Perspective View From High

You shouldn’t use this particular part of the Marcus Aurelius nighttime regime way too literally.

A perspective view from high implies stepping away from your perspective and attempting to think about what is going on for you from an alternative viewpoint.

This is an ability that needs to be educated, that’s never simple to achieve, which involves a high level of empathy and the capability to let go.

The goal of this particular physical exercise (which is fantastic, from my point of view) is to make you comprehend a much different perspective on things.

You’re an aspect of a universe that is infinite.

Sometimes our problems are smaller compared to the problems around the globe, like famine or even a pandemic.

Thus, such a thing will make you fully grasp the fluidity of life, so the reality that you’re not on your own on the planet, regardless of just how complicated it is for you today. At the same time children are born, somebody gets married, somebody divorces, somebody is fading.

Do Some Physical Activity

Although Roman Rulers thought Working out is “vain”, exercise continues to be provided in Marcus Aurelius’ nighttime routine. At this particular stage, he felt a great mind can only occur in a great body.

Whether you like basketball, football, tennis, if you just visit a gym or even have a stroll in nature, this exercise triggers endorphins.

These are the harsh chemicals in the brain of yours which are responsible for your well-being.

Exercise can make you think much more calmly and more content.

Team sports are, particularly, the ones that put you inside a framework that inspires you to outdo yourself.

The efforts would establish the reward. It is going to be a gratifying one that will boost the physical skills of yours, but also your psychological ones.

These exercises moreover provide the chance to cultivate improved social interaction abilities.

They let you develop closer associations with your colleagues or friends, all in a pleasant environment.

While you might not include working out within your nighttime routine, please take into account to have a minimum of thirty minutes to get it done during the morning, as it’ll additionally enable you to rest better later in the evening.

It’s found that sports and other physical activities generally enhance your quality of rest.

This is feasible due to the point that sports require, first of many, bodily work. In this particular circumstance, the risks of dropping off to sleep quicker after the morning and getting a restful and deep sleep increase considerably.

The point that you rest better improves your memory, concentration, or attention, in addition to your mood.

When you’re rested, the anxiety of the situations and the day during it, will not appear so tiring.

Nevertheless, think about exercising as soon as you can in the morning.

Meditation: Having The Best Ideas

Meditation has great importance within the Marcus Aurelius nighttime routine. Meditating every night before bed is going to change your life.

You will find a minimum of 2 methods to meditate. And one of those scenarios is a guided meditation that I wholeheartedly recommend.

Why meditation? Because it can help brush a lot of worries off of your shoulders.

Guided meditation is playing it over your computer or phone. While listening, you stick to the steps instructed to you.

It’s effortless to meditate in this manner since you don’t have to consider the following steps.

You listen relaxed along with executing.

Next, based on the experiences you are going to have, but also based on the results, you can start working on meditation methods with your very own guide.

In case you meditate before bed, you’ll ordinarily accumulate fatigue throughout the day so this will help you let all that go and prepare your body to relax.

In case you meditate the next day when you’ve woke up for the day, it’s essential to capture those minutes if you haven’t completely woken up yet and start meditating. It is going to be much more natural for you.

Review The Day

This is the final stage in the Marcus Aurelius nighttime routine, but also an extremely crucial one.

Marcus Aurelius emphasized this stage and the importance of it countless times.

Before falling asleep at night, you attempt to review the day in chronological order.

Recall exactly how you woke up, if somebody was alongside you, what you noticed, just how feet felt whenever they touched the floor.

Continue to review this way with your whole day, just like you are at the movies and it is on display.

The significance of this particular exercise is based on the reality in this specific way:

  • You will understand the place you went wrong today and how you can make things better the next time.
  • You are going to notice what you did well, and also you could be delighted with that.
  • You are going to recognize the things you have to be grateful for.
  • You will come to understand exactly how you evolve and how close you are to achieving your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Marcus Aurelius Nighttime Routine

How do you plan the day of yours like Marcus Aurelius?

To prepare for the day like Marcus Aurelius, you can comply with the following tips:

“At dawn, when you’ve difficulty finding out of the foundation, inform yourself:’ I need to go to do the job – as a human being.”

“The recognition that I had to train and also discipline my character.”

  • Journaling
  • Exercising
  • Preparing the day

How can I begin doing stoicism?

Allow me to share some routine to begin doing stoicism today:

  • Stand Your Ground.
  • Imagine Probably The Worst That Can Happen.
  • Be accountable for Your Happiness.
  • Remain Focused When Confronted With Distractions.
  • No Procrastination
  • Create An Internal Focus Of Control.
  • Make Proper Use of Your Time.
  • Consolidate Your Thoughts In writing.
  • Toss Away Ego And Vanity.

How can I begin the morning?

To begin your morning right, you can implement the following thing:

  • Wake up Early.
  • Think positive when you wake up and smile
  • Fix Your Bed.
  • Brush Your Teeth.
  • Drink Warm Water With Lemon.
  • Do some stretches.
  • Meditate.
  • Consume a nutritious Breakfast.

How can I wake up early, Marcus Aurelius?

To wake up early, according to Marcus Aurelius, you need to ensure you head to bed early on and also pay attention to this guidance from Marcus Aurelius himself:

“At dawn, when you’ve difficulty finding out of the bed, inform yourself: “I have going to do the job – as a human being. What do I’ve to complain about? If I am going to do, I came into this world for what brought me into the planet to do? Or perhaps is what I was made for? To huddle under the covers and keep warm?”

Why should you attempt to try the Marcus Aurelius nighttime routine?

The Marcus Aurelius nighttime routine consists of contemplation, a view from above, meditation, physical activity, and a morning review.

You must try out the Marcus Aurelius nighttime routine because it is going to improve your life substantially.

This particular nighttime routine’s five components are ideal for directing a healthy life, fit life, peace of mind, and fulfillment.

What would you think about the Marcus Aurelius nighttime routine or maybe the Marcus Aurelius nighttime ritual?

Does it seem like something that may entice you to try?

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