Combating the Unemployment rate

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Combating the Unemployment rate

The March 2013 unemployment numbers are in from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and they aren’t exactly cause for celebration. Having only dropped 0.1% to a national unemployment rate of 7.6%, employers and employees have reason for concern. Fortunately, companies are slowly hiring on new employees, though they seem to be hesitant. This is understandable as with the fragile state of the economy; they want to make wise hiring decisions. On the other hand, potential candidates seem to be lacking the “Wow” factor to land jobs. With the right tactics on hand, the high unemployment can be thwarted. We’ve compiled lists of tips for companies and job seekers to utilize.

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Table of Contents

Hiring Tips for Companies:

  1. Thorough Job Descriptions-Companies need to truly decipher what role they need filled and what it entails. Having been short staffed for some time, organizations are eager to start the interview process without the strong infrastructure to support it. That is not the recommended path. Once the budget allows for new hiring, it’s important that the determinants of success are clearly defined both from a hard skill as well as behavioral and cultural perspective. Start with the end in mind and start with strong job design strategies and pre-employment assessment tools.  Most organizations have such a typical application process, which doesn’t help find the “needle in the haystack” at all.  Instead the more funneled your beginning efforts, the more “essence” you receive at the end.
  2. Reformed Recruitment Methods-Utilize the most up to date recruitment methods possible. From job posting websites to social media for screening, dig deep before selecting candidates for interviews. Do not skip the verification process. It is vital to get feedback from previous employers as well as academic institutions, LinkedIn Profiles as well as references.
  3. Stringent Interview Process-Interviews are so easily blown through and under-utilized. Develop strict processes concerning how many interviews applicants must have. Past that, be sure to conduct a well rounded analysis of each candidate. Don’t just look for technical skills while skipping past behavioral interviews; it can be costly both in dollars and headaches in the long run in regards to retention as well as engagement.

Tips for Job Seekers:

  1. “Mind Scan”This is what we call doing the psychological and wellness check.  Job searching is a full-time job and if you are not going at it in a balanced way, burnout is in the horizon.  You will need your energy, stamina, and motivation to keep you in the game and to wow the audience.
  2. Foot-workThis involves developing a clear vision of what you are looking for that aligns with your future goals and values. Seek jobs that are the most relevant to you, your skills and your future and do your homework on the organization, to be clear that you are a match. Your audience will love you for it at the interview.
  3. Refined Materials-If you have been unemployed for some time and aren’t sure what is going awry, seek professional help. Resume and cover letter standards are more critical than ever before. Learn the latest formats. Include the most pertinent details in your information. Make yourself stand out with detail figures, numbers regarding previous accomplishments. Consider bullet pointing your skills or creating a special table for them so they pop as well as making your resume and cover letter be unique to you.  Keep ATS (applicant Tracking Systems) in mind when choosing keywords, so you don’t end up in the “no” pile.
  4. On your feet-Be ready and presentable at all times. Dress your best and exude confidence in your day to day activities. You never know, you may meet your next boss or co-worker at the grocery store. In line with that thinking, know your elevator speech inside and out. At don’t be shy to utilize it at the right moment.

It is a slow road to recovery, but it is in your power to speed up the process. Stay confident and keep up your spirit by surrounding yourself with a strong network and supportive mentors. For more tips like these and the employment outlook refer to Dr. Farnaz Hedayati on the FOX35 Good Day show.

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