Emerging Leaders: The Pioneer, Karla Head

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Emerging Leaders: The Pioneer, Karla Head

Recognizing Leadership Style:

Welcome to the Emerging Leaders Blog series. Center for Work Life put on thinking caps to determine a method for reaching out and assisting leaders in the local Orlando community. The Emerging Leaders blog series based on the SPM (Spony Profiling Model) is the result. Not only has this series assisted notable female professionals who have participated, but these posts are also designed to help readers assess their own style and leadership qualities. Each blog post reveals a leadership style, discusses that style’s characteristics and features a local leader who embodies the style.

Based on the SPM (Spony Profiling Model), created by Dr. Gilles Spony, at Cranfield School of Management, Presentation Trainer Marion Chapsal, developed a model of 12 leadership styles. The purpose of determining one’s fit in the model is to understand their strengths and learn from a mentor with the opposite leadership style.

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Table of Contents

The Pioneer Leadership Style:

Enthu­si­as­tic, expres­sive, bold, risk-taker, not dis­cour­aged by fail­ures, dar­ing, inde­pen­dent, and ambi­tious are all descriptors of pioneers. They do not hes­i­tate to change their minds to adopt a new course of action. “Full of con­fi­dence, brim­ming with energy, pio­neers bring to their organization a capac­ity to ini­ti­ate change and an abil­ity to deal with the unex­pected” (Spony Pro­fil­ing Model Feed­back Guide). According to Chapsal, the following individuals embody the Pioneer Leadership Style: CEO of Tempstaff, Yoshiko Shi­no­hara, Founder and CEO of Entheo, Natalie Turner, Author of Play like a Man, Win like a Woman, Gail Evans, and CEO of Audur Cap­i­tal, Halla Tomas­dot­tir.

Once a leader understands their style, they also understand an ideal sponsor for them would be someone with the opposite style. Maintainers are the opposite of Pioneers. Obe­di­ent, watchful, cau­tious, loyal and mod­est are often qualities of Maintainers. They value stability, sincerity, morals and traditions. Seeking a sponsor of the opposing leadership style will enable an individual to learn from a different style and improve on their own weaknesses, while still growing as a leader by building their strengths.

An Orlando Pioneer:

Within the Orlando community, Center of Work Life identified Body Bi Vi Promoter, Karla Head, to have a Pioneer Leadership Style. Karla considers some of her greatest personal achievements to be raising her daughter, losing 40 pounds and focusing on health, working out and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. With a background in customer service and sales, Karla has proven to be a self-starter. She is passionate about her work with Body Bi Vi, an innovative company in the health and food industry.
Karla Head
Body Bi Vi
[email protected]

When asked to describe a leader, Karla responded “A person that is inspiring to others who can share vision and work toward a common goal.” What are some of Karla’s pioneer actions? Karla told us “Set an example.” She both tells and shows team members how to move forward. With a creative approach in her business efforts, Karla shares through social media. After attending events, she passes on learned knowledge to her team. Karla also hosts challenge parties for customers and team members to share testimonies and encourage each other. She explains that leaders “have to be teachable and coachable.”

Leaders like Karla make a big difference everyday and it takes all types of leaders to make the business world function. Achievers need facilitators, innovators need analysts and so on. Congratulations to Karla and all the pioneers out there for their hard earned accomplishments. Never stop investing in your personal development as a leader and look for mentors who can facilitate growth. In Karla’s words “Success will come, you have to stick with it. Step out of your comfort zone. Be the innovator and be the leader.” Those are innovative words from an inspiring pioneer.

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