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In order for the doctor to survive and thrive in the changing healthcare landscape, this physican and practice owner realized the need to focus more on business and people management. Lots of dollars were leaking out through the hight turn-over and customer service complaints. After careful analysis of data, it was found that there was high correlation between reimbursements and staff longevity.

This was explained by the thorough follow-up and engagement of the front office staff. At the time of analysis, the office had at least one tunrover every three months. This translated in to left-over work, lack of accountability, burnout for remaining staff and increased administrative work for the physician.

Following the analysis, we designed a selection process for the team of 5, including value, EI, and task orientation and were able to hire two additional team members which would be the best fit for the office environment and strategic plan of the business.

In a 6 and 9 month follow-up analysis, it was found that team members were still in synergy and there was no reported turnover.