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There are various Leadership Tips out there. Many which point to the fact that “some people are just born leaders”. Based on our expertise in training thousands of executives, and research, there is no such thing as a born leader. Just like there is no such things as a “born people’s person.” Leadership is a careful mix of many characteristics including people skills, drive, personal and emotional tenacity, which are nicely packaged and tied with a ribbon of humility. Among the various qualities of leadership sucess, humility is being studied as a trait that can greatly enhance leadership effectiveness. Research suggests that humility is multi-dimensional and includes self-understanding and awareness, openness, and perspective taking. Opposite to the term hubris which refers to overconfident pride and arrogance, humility empowers the individual to drive for excellence and meet face to face with and rectify the trials of the top leader, what we practice and incorporate here at the Center for Work Life in to our leadership training in the form of Emotional Intelligence. Many organizations hire top executives, or their next CEO based on their resume and come to be disappointed. Good leadership is not performed in a silo; which means its an interactions between traits, strong recruitment efforts to look for culture, team and value match. So the question that remains is how does one put the right amount of each of the above ingredients to arrive at highest leadership success? What does a successful leader look like? In other words, how does one learn to be a better leader? The answer is Training. The greatest Leadership Tip we can provide here is that, leadership is a muscle and needs constant exercise. The best leaders, make it their business to get the training and practice through having someone hold them accountable.

Center for Work Life Leadership Programs

Leadership on the Job - Executive Coaching

In today’s fast paced global economy, transactional leadership is no longer has high return on investment. Transformational leaders are the ones that are able to build organization’s brands and engage employees toward productivity. A strong transformational leaders is constantly involved in team building, because the team is what determines his/her ultimate fate. At Center for Work Life, a global organization development and coaching firm, we provide experiential learning in any and all levels of the organization. From small business owners, entrepreneurs and directors to senior-level executives, our coaching programs develop leaders in the context of their current jobs. Coaching provides opportunities to make adjustments in “real time.”

Conflict Resolution Training

Leadership is certainly bound to have associated conflict. The reason being that, on a daily basis not all decisions can make all parties involved happy. External sources of conflict are at time just the tip of the iceberg and the emotions underneath are what can potentially resolve or grow the conflict. Although conflict is a normal part of any healthy relationship and people can’t be expected to agree on everything, all the time, learning how to resolve conflict – rather than avoiding it – is crucial.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Center for Work Life research has found that up to 58% of performance on the job is due to skills like self-awareness, managing one’s emotions, picking up on social cues, and building effective working relationships-all of which are key components of emotional intelligence. For leaders, emotional intelligence training is that much more crucial. Because not only are they making everyday decisions that involve their customers, but also decisions that involve their staff and possibly other executive team members or board members depending on the type of organization. Any and all types of training we do here at the Center look at the components of Emotional Intelligence, but this specific training aims to push it to the max.


Succession Development

If you’ve been tapped as a future CEO candidate, or are in the process of identifying your next top performer, you will need the expertise and unbiased judgment of a trusted advisor and an objective partner, guiding the process of assessment as well as on-boarding. In addition to vital leadership skills such as strategic thinking, decision making, executive presence, and leadership authenticity, our succession program will identify key indicators of success according to your organization culture, current leadership and organization temperature.


Our Engagement program helps you guide your senior leadership team, your department, or your entire organization to be on-board and on-target with your strategic plan. When the members of a team are out of sync with one another, or not bought-in, the impact on the company can be dire.

Work-Life Balance Training

We combine state-of-the art research and extensive experience with personal transformation practices to teach managers and executives to focus their attention, enhance their emotional intelligence and foster productive and enriching relationships.


I have had the extreme pleasure of working with and referring clients to her. She is an eminently educated, meticulous, insightful and innovative professional. I have successfully referred clients to her who have been extremely satisfied with their results.

Alberto Herran,
Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial