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Bonnie and Clyde Actions Excusable

Bonnie and Clyde: Actions Excusable?

Glenn Llopis recently contributed an article for Forbes entitled Eight Clear Signs It’s Time To Make A Leadership Change. In this piece, Llopis describes meeting with leaders of a long established brand, and being alarmed by the immaturity and general lack of leadership ability displayed by the team.

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Warren Buffet Leadership

Warren Buffett’s Leadership Qualities

News sources such as USA Today are reporting that Warren Buffet’s firm, Berkshire Hathaway, purchased 3.7 million shares of DaVita just after the company reported weak earnings. It may seem like a risky decision, and it is.

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Meet GM's New CEO Mary Barra

Mary Barra’s Leadership

Mary Barra is the highest ranking woman in the automotive industry. She is the newest CEO of GM and in 2005 she appeared on the list of 100 leading women in the auto industry, by Automotive News (Business Week). These facts are just a glimpse at her success. Jerry Hirsch of the Los Angeles Times describes Mary: “When she starts her new gig on Jan. 15, she’ll be arguably the most powerful female executive in America, joining a group of just 23 women currently heading Fortune 500 companies.

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Vint Cerf Leadership Qualities

Leadership Qualities of Vint Cerf

Vinton Cerf is considered one of the “fathers of the internet.” He has served as Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google since 2005. He previously worked at the US Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Agency and has been a faculty member at Stanford University.

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emerging leaders

Emerging Leaders Blog Series

Center for Work Life put on thinking caps to determine a method for reaching out and assisting leaders in the local Orlando community. The Emerging Leaders blog series is the result. Presentation Trainer, Marion Chapsal, developed a model of 12 leadership styles based on the SPM (Spony Profiling Model), created by Dr. Gilles Spony at Cranfield School of Management.

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