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Digital Real Estate University Review (2023): Is It Actually Legit?

Published on: November 20, 2022

Digital Real Estate University Review

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Table of Contents

Program At A Glance

What I liked
Live Coaching
Active Facebook Group
Tech Help
What I Didn’t Like
Not much to dislike!

You’ve probably heard of Digital Real Estate University if you’ve been exploring online money-making opportunities. YouTube commercials and webinars could also have caught your eye.

So what is it exactly?

First, I want to be completely honest in this review, so…

I’m going to walk you through it from start to finish letting you in on all the good stuff and the bad.

Let’s get it!

What Is Digital Real Estate University (DREU)?

What Is Digital Real Estate University

Digital Real Estate University was founded by Joshua T. Osborne and is a digital marketing training program for those who want to work from home. His method effectively teaches students the skills they’ll need to earn money in digital real estate.

A pretty good model considering how the current real estate market is dying fast. If they’re to be believed as well, you’ll see profit margins much greater than that of physical real estate!

They claim that with some hard work and determination, you can make money by just passing off a phone call to a business owner.

What Is Lead Generation?

What Is Lead Generation

Lead generation is creating and ranking a website on Google using SEO. The “real estate” connection is that there is only so much “real estate” on Google’s first page. There are only ten seats available.

All Digital Real Estate University students know that the first page has enormous monetary value because of all the commerce done on it.

Take the roofing market, for example.

A quick search in any local market, or even a chat with a friend of yours in town with a roofing company, and you’ll be able to find out roughly how many roofs are getting built each month.

Assuming the average roof is about $10,000. If the market gets 100 jobs each month, you can tap into $1,000,000 of market share.

How do you get a piece of that, you ask?

Owning a piece of real estate is where the calls come from.

The way to do that is…

You guessed it…

Having a website ranked on the first page of Google.

If you had just 10 roofing jobs come through your website…that’s a potential $100,000 of revenue for a business owner. They wouldn’t mind throwing 10% of the jobs your way, as that’s how most contractors deal with referrals!

Imagine that!

You could earn 10k a month simply for redirecting some roofing calls.

Roofing isn’t the only industry, though… there are hundreds of industries where this process works!

  • Tree Service
  • Plumbing
  • Electricians
  • Remodeling
  • Fencing

Okay, so now that you know a little about the Bad Ass Marketers Course and what it’s all about…let’s take a closer look at their founder!

Founder Of DREU & BAM University: Joshua T. Osborne

Josh was raised in a rather difficult environment. He was constantly getting in and out of trouble and eventually landed himself in prison, including time spent in isolation, totaling two years.

He’s not the easily frightened kind.

However, when he was in jail, he actually had a mentor come in and change his whole entire outlook on life.

Soon after, he got released from jail, started his own moving company, and became the largest moving company in Colorado!

But he quickly realized that all he did was create a job to which he was constantly tied. He had absolutely no free time on his hands.

And I think we can all agree, what good is money if you don’t have time to spend it or live with it the way you want?

Josh then started looking for other opportunities that would allow him to earn the same kind of money but have much more free time.

He landed upon this digital real estate business model and just went ham.

Today, Josh has over 100 of these websites, and they all pay him daily like clockwork.

And how about Joshua T Osborne’s net worth today? 12.5 million.

He is happily married to Danelle Osborne with a new baby girl that just arrived!

Full DREU Review And What’s Included

Full DREU Review And What’s Included

Once Josh had a firm grasp of the digital real estate market, he launched a course to share his knowledge with local businesses. You will get video instruction on the following, in addition to an introduction and a module on establishing crucial goals.



Where many programs fall short is in their dedication to research. To be more precise, concerning Amazon FBA training. In a very short time, all the research skills they teach may become obsolete.

Nonetheless, Google and related research methods don’t shift nearly as often.

Nonetheless, Josh regularly updates his training as needed with everything you need to know.

In this module, he dives deep into numbers and analytics to help you determine what an ideal market looks like.

It’s hard work and can seem tedious, but getting a process like this down as a marketer will save you a lot of time down the road.

Website Development

Website Development

Creating one of these websites is a breeze because of how straightforward they are. Probably, you’ve used one of them to schedule a service call in the past.

In this portion of the digital marketing training, Josh walks you through how to build one of these sites from start to finish:

  • How to build the home page
  • How to build the service pages
  • How and where to get and place pictures

Everything up to publishing the site itself!

On-Page SEO


In this course, Josh will show you all you need to know to make the pages of your website pleasant to search engines.

Every last bit, from the article’s meat to the headers, meta tags, and descriptions. The key is ensuring that when Google bots explore your sites, they see your targeted content where you want it to appear.

  • He shows you how to write or where to find stellar content
  • He shows you how to select and change headers properly
  • He shows you how to change and edit meta tag descriptions

Josh goes in-depth on all these things and much more in this section. He leaves nothing up for guesswork!

Off-Page SEO

Off Page SEO

Everything you need to know about the inner workings of digital marketing websites is covered in this subject taught by Josh.

  • He shows you what a citation is, what the flow means, and its golden ratio.
  • He shows you what a backlink is and how to determine the good from the bad.
  • He explains the difference between do-follow and no-follow backlinks.
  • He shows you how to do backlink research.
  • He even shows you where you can get your own backlinks for FREE!

This part of the training course thoroughly covers a very important skill set. Off-page SEO is something that many people consistently struggle with. But Mr. Osborne lays everything out and leaves nothing up to question with his Digital Real Estate University program.

Google My Business Listing

Google My Business Listing

This training section goes over how to set your GMB up from start to finish. You learn how to:

  • Receive your postcard
  • Photo optimization
  • Citation strategy
  • Writing reviews

One of the biggest things a potential customer for a service will look at besides the website is the GMB.

This is for 2 reasons.

First, the GMBs almost always show up at the top of search results for a given service and get many clicks.

But second, and most important, is the reviews!

A customer wants to ensure that whoever is providing the thing or service they need has good reviews from others.

I think we can all agree that a business with good reviews will be trusted over a company with bad reviews or no reviews.

In fact, GMBs with no reviews are known just to be ignored because people don’t think anyone else has done business with them and are nervous about being the first ones.

For all those reasons, that’s why this specific part of the training is important. On top of that, once you rank your GMB, you now have 2 pieces of real estate on the first page!

Google Ads

Google Ads

He also instructs others in the ways of Google AdWords. If your website isn’t currently highly visible in search results, you may still utilize this strategy to immediately start local lead generation for your customer.

The installation is simple, and he provides step-by-step instructions.

Being able to run Google ads and get leads driven to your prospects/clients immediately is also a great way to build trust as a marketer.

There are a lot of marketing scams out there, and business owners have been burned their fair share. So it’s no surprise that the slightest misstep could throw a red flag up, and they might ghost you…

DREU Facebook Group

DREU Facebook Group

This is by far one of the highlights of the training course and program. When you become part of DRE and are vetted by your coach, you are given access to their private Facebook group.

This is a group where you can go and get any questions answered throughout your journey. On top of that, you’ll have a coach that will hop on live streams once a week where you can hop on and ask questions face to face!

The Digital Real Estate Facebook group has over 100 people worldwide and is very diverse.

There are people in the group with endless digital marketing knowledge; some are brand new.

What About The Naysayers?

What About The Naysayers

You’ll typically run into a lot of naysayers that criticize DREU (or any other program for that matter), mainly because it costs money.

To that, I would simply ask…

Well, what doesn’t?

Think about it… anything worthwhile that you want to pursue is going to cost some amount of money.

  • Buying a new car costs money.
  • Buying a new house costs money.
  • Going to the grocery store costs money.
  • Getting a college education costs money.
  • Going to your job costs money.

Honestly, just about everything you do costs you money… the question is, do you want to spend that money on something that will give you the kind of return on your investment that will allow you to live your life on your own terms?

If you answered “Yes,” then DREU is the answer. The Bad Ass Marketers’ cost is essentially irrelevant in that regard.

You see, that’s what we all really want out of life. We want adventure and fulfillment. And we want to be able to share those experiences with our friends and family.

Now consider this… what if you were shown exactly how to make enough money to walk away from your boring 9-5 JOB in just a few months?

What if you were able to pay off your house, cars, and children’s education in just a couple of years or sooner?

And what if you could create the kind of cash flow that could set you up for retirement well before the Government says you can?

As you have already seen, many people have taken control of their lives with Digital Real Estate University…

Now it’s your turn!

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Did Digital Real Estate University Make The List?

Can You Work From Home Full-Time?

Can You Work From Home Full Time

Yeah, this is something you’ve probably wondered about ever since March 2020. Hopefully, I can add some clarity to that.

Whereas 20 years ago, one might have thought it impossible for a regular ol’ person to work from home entirely…today, it’s actually realistic.

Especially thanks to different business models like the digital real estate model the DERU course teaches.

With Digital Real Estate University, you can build a complete website, rent your lead generation websites, and everything else from home.

The training process works! In my DREU review with this course (as I have with similar courses), I watched several new members go from beginner to expert in just 90 days!

So yes, the DREU training process works, and you can work full-time from home!

It can get a little lonely working from home, but that’s where the group can come in handy! They are known to hop on zoom calls all the time and hang with each other outside of work-related stuff!

Digital Real Estate University FAQs


Along with DREU and questions specifically regarding the course I’ve discussed above, I also know that you probably have questions regarding other popular ways to make money online. Hopefully, these FAQs help!

Can Josh Really Help Me?

Can Josh Really Help Me

Compared to most of the other “gurus” out there, Josh is in the trenches with you and his lead generation business every day. He practices exactly what he teaches!

He’ll show you how to build your first lead generation website and set up your own business through the Digital Real Estate online training.

Owning an online business like this really is the way of the future. As long as you’re ready to get down to business and put some hard work in alongside Josh, it’s only a matter of time until you’re successful!

Why Is Digital Real Estate Valuable?

Coronavirus and the Digital Real Estate Revolution Mashvisor

Selling digital real estate can be valuable because it helps businesses continue to exist in this ever-increasing digital world.

To better understand, digital real estate exists for the same reason billboards do…to generate phone calls.

The issue is that most billboards aren’t responsible for business anymore. Most people are paying attention to their phones and googling a business rather than looking up and calling the sleezy-looking guy on the billboard.

Domain names are valuable too. Imagine if you would’ve bought or and just sat on those names until the companies rose to fame. In the same way, you can buy domains and sit on them, waiting for the name/branding to be worth a lot of money!

What Do Small Business Owners Always Need More Of?

What Do Small Business Owners Always Need More Of

All Bad Ass Marketers know that small businesses always need more leads. Especially in a time like this where the government is seemingly crushing small businesses out of the game.

Knowing this, you now have the knowledge to decide whether you will decide to be a part of the solution.

You can become someone who knows how to put killer content on a website…how to bring your small business buddy more clients, and really separate yourself from other marketers.

Now, this next part is up to you…

Wanna get started with DREU?

My #1 Online Business Recommendation:

You know deep down what you’re meant for. Now they will show you how to get it.

Yes, Start My Journey!

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