Simplified Dropshipping Review (2023): Is Scott Hilse Legit?

Updated On: November 21, 2023

Welcome to my Simplified Dropshipping review. My goal is to answer common questions like: how much it costs, if it's a scam, and if you can actually make money with it. The end goal is to help you understand if it's a good fit for you personally, and if there are any better alternatives out there.
Simplified Dropshipping By Scott Hilse

This Simplified Dropshipping review has been throughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Table of Contents

Program At A Glance

What I liked
No frills, just the truth.
Real methods for deciding how much to invest/spend on Facebook Ads.
Includes the FB Bidding technique.
What I Didn’t Like
Too fast-paced for beginners
Claims and promises that are shady
No refund policy

It’s another one of those making money online programs centered around selling a clapped-out course that supposedly makes you money by selling shitty products from China.

But hey, if you wanna risk throwing your life savings into a business model that just got wrecked by Chinese Wholesalers…

Then, by all means, don’t let me stop you from creating yet another screw-up your parents give you shit about.

It’s supposed to show you how to become a 6-figure eCom kingbut it’s truly out of reach for most people like you constrained by budgets and student loans.

That’s just the truth…you won’t get rich by chasing the next hot product that only lasts 3 months.

If you want to really get rich online (at an average of $1,500 per sale PER MONTH), check out my #1 recommendation here.

And while I have to be honest for this review…

Simplified Dropshipping is pretty much your standard dropshipping course.

If you’ve followed my blog for long, you know that I don’t like dropshipping as a business model for a few different reasons.

That being said, it IS possible to make money with it, so I want to give you an honest review of this particular program.

But first, let me clear the air on one important thing:

Dropshipping has never been – and will never be – a passive, recurring business. No matter what the guru might tell you, it requires constant work.

I’m telling you this from my own personal experience running several dropshipping stores on both Shopify AND Clickfunnels.

If you’re looking for a business that you’ll need to be super active in, dropshipping might be for you.

If you want to make money while you sleep and travel the world, dropshipping just isn’t it.

The main reason?

To have real success with dropshipping, you need a bulletproof system for finding the hottest new products before anyone else.

In the very best-case scenario, you have a relationship with your supplier, where they give you a heads up on products that are about to pop. These relationships don’t typically come around until you’ve done 6-figures in business with the supplier.

In the worst-case scenario, you’re testing a bunch of products with ads, losing money until you find that one winner.

I’m not saying dropshipping is a bad idea based on that alone… most businesses require you to lose money before you actually make money, so it’s somewhat normal.

But let’s assume you DO in fact have the next fidget-spinner craze product, months before anyone else knows about it…

That’s great! But now you’re gonna need to get people to buy it.


  • Tens of thousands of dollars in ads
  • Tons of time spent split testing to find the best landing page variations, best product descriptions, best ad copy, best ad videos, etc.

Again, some people thrive on that and love it. So if you’re looking for that level of constant testing and gambling, it might be a good fit.

It’s also worth calling out that Facebook has a track record of banning you FOR LIFE from advertising on their platform for dropshipping.

Think about it: it ruins a user’s experience with Facebook when a product shows up 45 days after they’ve ordered it, and is nothing like the product they thought they were buying.

So Facebook would rather ban you from their platform than risk a bad user experience.

Suffice to say, it’s a lot of stress for not a lot of payback.

As someone that actually ran a dropshipping business, I can tell you from personal experience that your time can be better spent with other business models.

If you’d prefer a business model that generates recurring, semi-passive income, you may be interested in using the Digital Rental Method.

This means:

  • No sketchy suppliers
  • No razor-thin margins
  • No banned ad accounts
  • No super angry customers
  • No spending $10K testing an ad campaign

It’s something that you could make anywhere from $2,000 – $10,000 consistently, month after month.

A stream of income that you can build as high (or low) as you feel like building it.

If that sounds interesting, you might want to think about using the Digital Rental Method.

For the Simplified Dropshipping review, let’s keep reading.

Who Is Scott Hilse?

Who Is Scott Hilse

Scott Hilse’s YouTube channel and appearances in Oberlo’s lesson videos are well-known to the general public.

There are almost 61,000 people that follow him on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube alone.

He’s the guy who introduces the “One-Product Approach” and “Location Neutral Income Automation.”

The idea is to focus on just one product (One-Product Approach) and be able to work anywhere, anytime (Location Neutral Income Automation).

It’s worth mentioning that Scott claims to be endorsed by Oberlo, Shopify, and Tai Lopez on his LinkedIn profile, which, quite frankly, is a bit shocking for me.

Scott is a member of the Tai Lopez 300 Party and has been featured in the Oberlo 101 Dropshipping Course, including some of their YouTube channel episodes.

To become a member of the 300 group, all you have to do is pay $697.

Simplified Dropshipping Course Overview

Simplified Dropshipping Course Overview

Rank: Ranked #8 out of 8 dropship courses

Length: 2 hours 49 minutes

Content: This is a basic dropshipping lesson. However, you aren’t required to pay for this. Most of the information you see here is available for free elsewhere.

Instagram Account: @dripshipingcourse28)

Rating: 3.0/5.0 stars

Price: $497 (January 2020)

What To Expect In This Course?

What To Expect In This Course

Like with most courses, don’t expect to be lectured on dropshipping for hours. The course lasts a little under three hours if you include the Intro and Outro videos.

So, if you want a quick course to get you started as soon as possible, this might be it.

Simplified Dropshipping promises to have the following:

Unlike most dropshippers, Scott Hilse insists that dropshipping stores should concentrate on a single item.

Yes, you read it correctly—just one thing. If, for instance, you have sunglasses as a product, Scott says to sell just a single kind of sunglasses, not a range of sunglasses.

Scott had three six-figure shops using this process in 2017.

Right now, a huge, flashing alarm light should be appearing in your mind. The key term to note in that statement is “even possible.”

Yeah, it is possible to make the first sale within just 24 hours. It’s also likely that the United States men’s soccer team will win a FIFA World Cup during the next decade. It’s possible, but it’s very doubtful.

Most people still regard dropshipping as an easy-breezy eCommerce business venture, and people like Scott contribute to this misconception.

Claims of student outcomes, such as the one below, are also ineffective.

These images are entirely useless.

Why is this so? It’s because these don’t show how much was spent. You can’t show the profits until you’ve shown the related expenditures.

The profits made are simply not seen in these screenshots.

You could well double or even triple the price, but it won’t put money in your wallet right away. You would still need to exclude all of the expenses, of which ads are the most expensive.

Revenue of 20% is considered excellent. However, I know dropshippers who make revenues as little as 5%.

Even if you operate at a 20% revenue, you’ll find that those numbers aren’t all that remarkable.

Because of the increasing cost of Facebook Ads and other advertisement sites, some drop shippers lose a lot of money after running expensive ad campaigns.

Don’t fall for these misleading promotional tactics intended to convince you to purchase a course.

It was much easier to make a fast few bucks with dropshipping in 2015, 2016, and even 2017.

But the playing field has changed. It was much different for the gurus back then. They made their money by actual dropshipping, and now they do it through selling courses.

Four Keys To Scott’s One Product Store Strategy:

Four Keys To Scotts One Product Store Strategy

1. Dare to stand out. 

In Scott’s exact words, he says:

“I wouldn’t recommend the average general store. I’d recommend the one product format. I built my entire store in two hours, and I built everything else in four. I haven’t touched the website since. In 4–6 hours you can have this all set up.”

2. Start simply, be patient. 

Uncomplicate stuff for yourself, particularly at the start when you’re trying to understand your audience. Scott goes on to say:

“My advice is to sell the cheapest product you can in your chosen niche market. Make it so you’re making at least a little money. But as you’re making sales, you will be seasoning your Facebook pixel and building your email list. It will boost your confidence and get the ball rolling.”

3. Optimize your site for Facebook. 

Scott’s one-product strategy is all about instructing your Facebook pixel on how your advertising should be optimized.

“If there’s simply just one product, users can’t really do anything else but just buy or leave, and that’s good for the pixel. And that’s good for you, too. It really funnels them down to this one thing.“

4. ‘Lookalike’ audiences are gold.

Scott uses a Purchase Lookalike Audience.

My main goal from the beginning was to use a Purchase Lookalike Audience. The only way to do that is to get 100 purchases. I knew that once I got 100 purchases I could start doing the lookalike audience. When I got to that part, that’s when everything changed.”

Simplified Dropshipping 3.0

Simplified Dropshipping 3.0

Simplified Dropshipping 3.0 is the new moniker given to Scott’s course. With the price cut, you’ll pay $397.00 upfront. Thirty videos make up the collection.

What I find a little annoying about dropshipping and eCommerce is that the gross margin is typically about 15-25 percent.

Scott just speaks about sales figures, leading you to believe it’s his profit. This is another strategy to deceive you, and although the stats might be correct, they mask the actual numbers by not mentioning the product spend, ad spend, and other related expenses.

Profits from eCommerce are much smaller than those from affiliate ads.

Simplified Shopify Review

Simplified Shopify Review

The Simplified Shopify course has less content than I’m accustomed to seeing in a dropshipping course.

He has over 25 videos in the course, all of which are at varying lengths. The videos can be downloaded, making it convenient to take the material with you while you’re not connected to the internet.

His website,, is currently inaccessible. This is the shop where he forwards the domain from which he sold his iPhone case. I’m not sure what’s going on with that right now.

His material is deceptive, as shown by a video titled “$1600 Per Day Template.” Per day, to me, means every day, give or take a few dollars. He only made this for one day, with most days producing even less.

Scott shares themes in one video and shows you a luxury theme that you should consider buying. eCom Turbo, in my view, is much superior because conversions are its focus.

Scott teaches your online store can be set up as most dropshipping courses do. If you’ve previously purchased an eCommerce course, you’re probably already aware of this stuff.

Parts 4 and 5 include Facebook Advertising preparation. Scott shows you how your Facebook Ads account is created, including your Facebook page. The installation of your pixel is also part of it. The training video is very basic but efficient.

Product research is also part of the package. I usually like to see some new/ different approaches here since people usually get confused about this part.

However, you’ll find nothing worth exploring here, or something that could’ve added value. Nonetheless, if you are a beginner, this can be helpful.

Scott shares the importance of using free apps to improve conversions and the optimization of your store. You can avoid the hassle of downloading these applications by purchasing a conversion-based theme, such as eCom Turbo, which has these apps built into the theme – along with instructions.

Training on Facebook Ad campaigns is included in the course outline, and it discusses what you should be mindful of when making your ads. Creating a professional video is included, and you’ll also get a gold nugget of advice on how to get your circles to support your page. That’s something I’ve never considered before!

Other video clips in his course include manual bidding, converting to a specialty store, outsourcing strategies, selling the store, and so on.

The Simplified Dropshipping Course Breakdown

The Simplified Dropshipping Course Breakdown

There are 29 videos in all, totaling 2 hours and 49 minutes of screen time.

No formal introduction is given to the course. There is no bio here. A dropshipping example isn’t provided to explain what it is or why it’s beneficial.

Lesson 1: One Product Store $1600/Day Template

Video length: 06:25

Scott dives right in, demonstrating the blueprint he utilized to generate $1,600 in one day.

He makes no mention of it occurring in 2017. And it was just for ONE DAY, not PER DAY, as the misleading title implies.

On average, it seems that the shop earned less than $300 a day.

Yeah, and while $1,6k a day (or 48k in 30 days) sounds incredible, Scott never discloses his expenses. What he illustrates is sales, not profit.

You won’t find it either if you search for his store or Scott’s flagship store.

They will warn you why their shops close – and that is because they are continually seeking new items in new niches.

It’s probably true.

But how do you create a brand if you’re constantly jumping ship and opening new sites? Most can tell you how critical branding is, but they don’t seem to follow what they teach.

It’s also likely that they’ve closed all of their stores. Why else will they supply you with obsolete figures from two or three years ago? Note that both gurus today make money by selling their online courses/ apps/ tools, not by dropshipping. (The exception is most definitely Franklin Hatchett.)

Anyway, let’s get back to the lesson: Scott withholds a lot of detail. In reality, a hundred other guys have covered all of this on YouTube.

He displays certain (old) statistics for you. Scott then goes on to show a phone case that he sold for a lot of money.

He also shows a template in Shopify that he uses or has used.

There’s nothing revolutionary or novel about this part.

Lesson 2: Inner Store Set-Up

Length: 16:38

Scott walks you through the process of launching your dropshipping store, which includes the following:

  • General Store Configuration 
  • Checkout Options
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy and Return Policy
  • Adding Pages (Contact pages, policies) 
  • Adding Menu items
  • Shipping Zones
  • Payment Providers, and
  • Picking a Plan for your store.

I’m gonna be a bit critical here.

When you pay for a lesson, you want the teacher to share some insider knowledge with you.

Unfortunately, Scott simply repeats information that can be seen for free on YouTube.

If you are a total beginner, this material is clearly valuable, but it’s not worth paying for. Nonetheless, let’s hope Scott comes through elsewhere.

Lesson 3: Buying & Connecting A Domain

Length: 5:57

Scott recommends utilizing Google Domains. He demonstrates finding a domain name, registering it, and linking to your Shopify store.

Lesson 4: Setting Up Your Facebook Page

Length: 11:40

In this lesson, Scott shares how to build a FB Page (Business).

This includes how to use Canva to make a logo design for your profile picture, a banner for your cover photo.

The lesson also teaches you how to create a button that directs visitors to your website.

Lesson 5: Business Ad Account + Pixel Setup

Length: 05:02

Scott takes you through the steps of creating a new Facebook Business Account.

It’s a simple process that covers all of the basic stuff you need to know. Scott addresses the following topics in this lesson:

  • Creating a Facebook Profile for your Business Account.
  • Setting up a New Ad Account
  • Adding a Facebook Pixel to your Shopify store.

Lesson 6: Product Research

Product Research

Length: 22:09

Scott demonstrates how he conducts his research on winning products on Facebook, Google Trends, AliExpress, and Google (while looking for “dropshipping niches,” no less! That’s so ridiculous…).

To be honest, Scott does state that “the best niche to be in is the one you create yourself,” but these approaches don’t motivate you to create your own.

There’s nothing new, really.

Lesson 7: Importing Your First Product

Length: 11:59

Scott walks you through the process of using Oberlo to import the first product into your Shopify store. Additionally, Scott tells you how to create and upload a video ad to promote your product.

Lesson 8: Testing Your Pixel

Length: 05:39

Scott explains how to use Test Mode in Shopify Payment Providers in this lesson.

This is another helpful addition to any dropshipping course, but nothing noteworthy here. This information is available and free elsewhere.

Lesson 9: The Freedom Funnel

Length: 13:20

Freedom Funnel is but a series of free software that Scott uses to increase conversions on his website.

Scott explains how to build applications such as a Countdown Timer app and an Abandoned Cart app.

It’s an excellent lesson if you’re new to dropshipping and have a limited marketing budget. However, after you’ve set up and sales start rolling in, you may want to consider investing in superior paid-for apps.

Lesson 10: Getting Tons Of FREE Page Likes In Seconds

Length: 0:46

Yes, my friends. That’s 46 seconds – for real.

Scott’s suggestion to get a significant number of free Facebook page likes in a matter of seconds? Request that all of your Facebook friends like it. It’s really a no-brainer.

Lesson 11: Understand This Before Proceeding To Facebook Ads Training

Length: 01:19

Now, let me say something about Scott’s disclaimer.

Scott warns that you must be able to risk money with FB Ads before you start.

It may seem weird, but it’s really good advice.

Making money with Facebook Ads is tricky at first. It has a high learning curve, and the best way to progress is to do a lot of testing. And you can’t do it without spending on it.

So, you’ve got to keep yourself in check because even experts make mistakes from time to time. If you took the Oberlo 101 training, you’d know that they invested more than $1,000 on ads over six weeks and got sales of less than $100.

Lesson 12: Launching Your First Facebook Ad – Method #1

Launching Your First Facebook Ad

Length: 08:51

Scott explains how to make a Facebook video ad in this class. He goes over it quickly, so newbies will need to stop and often rewind to catch up.

Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, Scott teaches you how to launch it using Facebook Ads Manager.

Here, he shares the following:

  • Choosing your Ad Objective
  • Driving your target Audience
  • Setting up your Budget and Schedule

It’s important to remember that these are optimization ads, not sales ads. You’ll need to run these to pique your target audience’s interest.

Lesson 13: Launching Your First Facebook Ad – Method #2

Length: 06:45

Scott attempts to pique curiosity for your store using a video clip.

He employs humor this time to gain a large number of shares and the video going viral. He discovers an amusing niche-related YouTube video and uses it as an ad.

Lesson 14: Getting Tons Of Facebook Targeted Page Likes From Your Ads

Length: 02:15

Scott attempts to pique curiosity for your store using a video clip. He employs humor this time to gain a large number of shares and turn the video viral. He discovers an amusing niche-related YouTube video and uses it as an ad.

Lesson 15: Order Fulfillment

Length: 02:46

Scott Hilse’s course guides you step by step on how to place orders with vendors who use Oberlo.

Lesson 16: From 0 To 100 Orders: Facebook Ads Strategy

Length: 20:55

Scott teaches you how to target particular regions depending on the interactions you got with your video ad using the data from your video ad.

Top tip: Scott tells you exactly how he scales his ads based on timing and budget. Finally, we get here an insider tip that you won’t find on YouTube or elsewhere.

Lesson 17: When To Form An LLC

When To Form An LLC

Length: 2:26

Scott tells you when to form an LLC. He also recommends a firm to use to file the LLC.

Lesson 18: When & How To Outsource

Length: 03:17

Scott tells you in this lesson when the best time of outsourcing any of the more repetitive duties to Virtual Assistants is. He also recommends a website to find one.

Lesson 19: From 100 To 10,000+ Orders: Advanced FB Ads Strategy (LAAs)

Length: 05:59

Warning: This is all theoretical. Scott would not show you that he has fulfilled over 10,000 orders.

Scott advises building Lookalike Viewers after you’ve earned 100 orders and teaches you how to scale this. The aim is for you to eventually reach 10,000 orders.

Scott does provide you with a spreadsheet outlining his (theoretical) scaling techniques.

Lesson 20: Manual Bidding

Length: 03:35

An insider tip: Scott explains how he manually bids on ads.

Lesson 21: Converting To A Niche Store

Length: 02:26

Scott recommends that you move to a niche store as soon as the product no longer sells.

In this lesson, Scott teaches you how to purchase a new domain and link it to your current Shopify store. You must also make a new Facebook Business Page.

Lesson 22: When & How To Sell Your Store

Length: 01:32

Scott discusses in this video the Shopify Trade Market and when it’s the best time to sell your store. He does NOT, however, show you how to list your business.

Lesson 23: What You Can Do With Results To Take On Clients (Extra Passive Income!)

Length: 02:00

When you finally get sales, it proves that your FB Advertising and methods are successful.

You could then train small companies to work on their Facebook advertisements or run their ads for them.

Again, this is just another speculation covered in less than two minutes, but there is no real advice for aspiring marketers interested in exploring this potential income source.

Lesson 24: Sam Walton’s Price/Steve Jobs Method

Length: 03:45

Scott believes that this would assist you in developing a structure in your pricing for your one product.

Scott explains his approach, which is a hybrid of lessons from Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, and Jeff Bezos.

It doesn’t, however, show exactly how to price the items. It’s more of a set of strategies for you to consider when you’re pricing your products.

Lesson 25: Multiple Product Method

Length: 03:09

I’m not sure I understand this part. Scott has only dealt with “one-product stores” up until this time, and now there are several products.

He doesn’t explain whether you will have several items or where you would integrate them into your shop.

It also has the worst video quality in the entire course.

Lesson 26: Managing Online Reputation

Length: 02:28

Scott tells you how you can manage/ handle your online reputation using only your mobile devices. You simply go through all of the comments on your Facebook feeds and get rid of any bad ones.

Lesson 27: How To Get FREE Targeted Traffic

Length: 05:55

You can use this approach when you don’t have enough ad budget. This is only for niche-related impulse purchases, not generic daily items like cellphone cases.

Scott advises that you enter niche-specific groups and post about your product.

Lesson 28: Outro

Length: 01:30

Scott extends his thanks to you for taking the course, wishes you luck, and invites you to continue studying.

He also recommends a few phone applications to make your life simpler.


As part of your membership in his Facebook Group, he promises to “personally assist you and answer all of your concerns.”

On top of that, you’ll get to take part in weekly Q&A calls.

Money-Back Guarantee

Does Not Mention Return Policy

For his dropship lesson, Scott Hilse doesn’t mention a return policy. There are no conditions or limitations for requesting a refund of the course money. There is no coupon or discount code available for this course.

Is Dropshipping Still Relevant In 2022? Can You Still Make Money With It?

Digital Landlord Better Than Simplified Dropshipping

This is a question you must ask yourself before commencing your dropshipping journey.

Why am I saying this?

Consider how many dropshipping millionaires you’ve lately heard about. When I say “recently,” I mean in the previous year.

There aren’t many.

There were at least ten a year a few years back. If you earn six figures in a year today, you’re called a huge success.

The rules of the game have certainly changed.

So, what’s different now?

First off, competition has become tougher. And dropshippers all get their goods from the same locations and vendors.

Second, Facebook Ads have changed. Ad costs are more – and because similar products are being offered, there’s more competition.

This makes it much more difficult for new dropshippers to reap instant success as there is no longer such thing.

You can certainly make money with dropshipping, but if you’re gonna put in the amount of grueling work to become a dropshipper (which, trust me, isn’t easy), you might as well bring in some REAL money.

The program that helped skyrocket my online business to $50,000+ per month teaches some of the same dropshipping skills but shows you how to monetize them in a much, MUCH more profitable way.

What Is The Alternative To Scott Hilse’s Simplified Dropshipping?


First, let me ask you a question:

Read Our In Depth Breakdown Of The Top 5 DropshippingOpp Courses For 2024

Did Simplified Dropshipping Make The List?

Do you want to be a “sheep” and follow in the footsteps of others?

Do you refuse to take the initiative?

How about creating and building a long-term enterprise that you can expand and develop year after year?

Then lead generation, I say, is most definitely, NOT for you.

Lead generation is the best online business model I’ve come across.

Each business model has advantages and drawbacks, but lead generation far outperforms the rest.

I should be excited about an experience like this, where not everyone would be able to follow you easily.

It could pique your interest in learning and honing a new skill set – something set that is constantly in demand.

Lead generation has some significant benefits over dropshipping:

  • Lead generation is the way to go if you’re hunting for an opening with potentially the highest ROI.
  • Creating leads is a talent that requires experience to learn. Unlike dropshipping, it’s not for all because it’s a whole new game, and it’s not that easy. Meaning there will be far less competition!
  • As soon as you’ve worked out how to get the lead generation pages to rank number one on Google, it’s going to be easy to replicate.
  • An additional benefit is that maintaining the position requires relatively little effort if you’ve risen to the top of the rankings.
  • You get the opportunity to interact with actual people, make connections with local business owners, and share in their delight as you assist their companies in growing!
  • Local Lead Generation provides you with a laptop lifestyle in which you have the option of working from wherever and wherever you choose.

It earns me $50,000 a month, while drop shipping earned me $10,000 a month at its peak.

There just isn’t much competition.

Local lead generation is without a doubt my top market option for 2020 and beyond.

Is It A Worthwhile Course?

Scott is highly passionate about dropshipping. I would be, too, if I could buy this in my early twenties.

He may have been a good dropshipper in the past. His course is way too general, and about 95% of the content can be viewed for free on YouTube.

Is the remaining 5% worth the $497 price tag?

No, it’s definitely not.

His story might convince you that it’s worth the try. I mean, giving away your credit card number for this hefty price tag?

The answer is all up to you.

Scott Hilse gives you insider information by showing you his exact formula for scaling his advertising, but he never backs up his arguments.

However, you might end up spending a lot of money on Facebook Ads. But that, my friends, is just how it works. What works one week will NOT work the next.

This is just one of the many reasons why I favor Lead Generation more than other business models out there.

Final Verdict: Is It A Scam?

Is It A Scam

So, time for the question you’ve been waiting for: is Simplified Dropshipping a scam?

No, not technically speaking. They aren’t going to take your money and ride off into the sunset without delivering you access to their course.

It’s 100% possible to make money with this program, but it’s not nearly as simple as Scott Hilse wants you to think it is.

There is A LOT of upfront work to do and no guarantee of success.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for doing hard work now so that I can collect checks in the future.

But if I’m going to spend 3 months of my life working super hard & spending thousands of dollars just to break even… it’s just not worth it (in my opinion).

Think about it: what if you worked that same 3 months with just an hour or two per day, and in return, you could collect a $500-$2,000 check that continues to come in every month?

Even better, what if you could actually get that first check in as little as a week?

And what if you could double or triple it over the next month or two?

That’s what you get when you use the Digital Rental Method.

All you really need is a laptop and some internet.

Some of my friends are Digital Rental Method that run their 6-figure businesses from:

  • Camping trips at national parks
  • Beachfront in Hawaii
  • On the road in a camper van (with a pet pig!)

They focus on living an enjoyable life first and on income second. All thanks to this program

They can take weeks or months off, and money keeps rolling in.

Living happily is the top priority.

If the thought of living perpetually at your dream vacation spot interests you, using the Digital Rental Method might be for you!

My #1 Recommended Way To Make Money Online In 2022

Make Real Money Online With Digital Landlord

I’ve personally tried all of the major online business models:

  • I’ve drop-shipped a toilet bowl putting green on Shopify
  • I’ve drop-shipped jade rollers via Clickfunnels
  • I’ve sold fidget spinners through Amazon FBA
  • I’ve sold women’s health supplements via Clickbank affiliate marketing

And I made money with all of them, so trust me when I say: there is no “perfect” business model.

That being said, my #1 recommendation for making real money online is, hands-down: being a Digital Landlord.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or you’ve been around the block before but have never had that “big win” to propel you forward, using the Digital Rental Method is for you.


1)Time: If you’ve got a spare hour or two each day, you can do this. If you want to drop everything and go all-in, you can do this. More time obviously means faster results, but even putting in a few hours per day is enough to see real success.

And because of that flexibility, you don’t need to trade your time for money. Once the income starts, it’s recurring.

That means you can take a month off, travel the country, pursue a passion project, chill on the beach, or charter a boat across the world.

But you can only do that once you’ve created an income stream that doesn’t require YOU to be there all day, every day.

2) Ownership & Control: With dropshipping, you don’t actually own anything. You can’t control your product quality, or even what the package looks like when it shows up.

Technically you own your Shopify site… but ad platforms could shut you down on a moment’s notice… so you don’t really have much control there.

Why pour your soul into a business that could be taken away from you at the drop of a dime?

With the Digital Rental Method, you literally own all of the assets, which means you have ultimate control.

3) Fulfillment: Alright, so you don’t have any inventory… but that worry has been replaced with the pains of overseas fulfillment.

That means your customer is going to have to wait 3-4 weeks to receive their order.

Then add in the current global supply chain woes… and you’re looking at 5-6-7 weeks!

Then the customer slaps you with a refund, and all of that time spent testing and spending money on ads was for nothing.

You don’t have to worry about any of that when you’re renting out digital properties.

4) It’s Effectively Copy-Paste: Here’s my favorite part: once you have your first Digital Rental Property up, you can literally copy-paste another version of it and find another willing “renter” in a few days. DOUBLING your income doesn’t get much easier than that…

If you wanted to double your income with dropshipping, you would need to sell twice as much inventory or double your profit margins. And I can guarantee you (from my Shopify dropshipping days) that’s a lot harder than a few clicks & a phone call.

5) Big Margins: With dropshipping, you’re often going to have really slim margins. That means you need to hit a serious scale to make serious money. This usually entails spending A LOT of money on ads and other methods for growing traffic to your product.

using the Digital Rental Method, your profit margin is nearly 100%. Watch here to learn how.

Just a reminder: these Digital Rental Properties are worth (at a minimum) $500/mo in semi-passive income. And each time you create another one, your income increases, and the effort put into creating the next property decreases.

Best-case scenario, you have properties bringing in over $3,000+/mo on auto-pilot.

6) You’re Helping REAL People: My biggest gripe with dropshipping is that you’re usually finding some product that’s complete garbage and are tricking people into buying it. It provides no real value to them or the world in general.

It’s cool in the short term to make a quick buck, but it gets really old, really fast in the long term.

But With the Digital Rental Method, you’re helping solve REAL problems that people are ASKING for help with.

Small local businesses around the world need one thing: customers. Without them, their business would fall apart. If you can provide those customers, they’re going to be really happy – and they’re going to pay you for it.

You’re helping a struggling mother or father put food on the table for their families, put their kids through college, or simply live life a little bit more comfortably.

Having this type of impact on the world is what will help you sleep soundly at night.

So, the rest is up to you. You could keep looking at other dropshipping programs like Simplified Dropshipping, which might make you money 12 months from now.

You could keep researching and researching for the next few months (or few years), never making a concrete decision.

OR, you can look deep inside, think about those dreams, hopes, & desires, and make the decision to ACTUALLY make it happen, just like it has for thousands of other students before you.

Making a fortune while actually helping real people that need it.

If this sounds like you, click here to see how it all works.



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