Self Improvement

Improvising tricks for Performers

Improvising highway: it’s your line anyway

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Even if reading tips doesn’t quite give you the confidence to deal with everyday surprises, you can always seek assistance in learning to handle setbacks and growing as a professional. That being said, the advice above will give you a good start on improvement.

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Spoonful of Sugar Positive Thinking Tips

Maybe one of the most iconic characters in our media pop culture is Mary Poppins who is known for her positive thinking. Her classic A Spoonful of Sugar song so accurately explains that “with every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.”

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Hermione: Management or Leadership?

In the 14 Biggest CEO Mistakes Author Interview Series published on Forward Metrics, Ruth Schwartz who is the owner of High Performance Advocates suggests that a focus on management over leadership causes CEOs to stumble.

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