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4 Celebrity Success Struggle Lessons

As of 2013, 7.1 billion people were reportedly using the internet, up from 6.5 billion in 2005 (Wikipedia). Despite all the information and activity online, it’s still tough to find information on coping with success and negotiating the kind of stress that comes with being a leader who is looked to for advice.

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3 Leadership Qualities of Henry Ford

There are many values visible in the life of Henry Ford that enabled him to be a highly successful business leader. However, it seems that his value of employees, belief in equality and emotional intelligence truly set him apart from others. Henry Ford’s leadership qualities enabled him to change the trajectory of workplace practices.

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Lions and Tigers and Confidence, oh my!

Laugh if you will, but who hasn’t struggled with confidence? Maybe you turned away from that sport you once loved or that hobby that could have been fun, because you didn’t think it was “your strong suit.” What about the promotion at work that you haven’t had the confidence to pursue?

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