The Healthy Physician/work Life Balance Training

What does Work, Life and Performance Success Look Like?

Success often means something different to each person depending on the values that, that individual holds above all.

It applies to all professionals. According to research, 85% of your success is determined by the combination of your interpersonal and self-management skills and only 15% by your technical (i.e. clinical) skills. This doesn’t mean that your  experiences, training and education can be neglected.  However, how many people have you met in the past, that have had very modest of all of the above, but because of their high “likeability” or “self-management” skills, they have demonstrated quite the success?

We have found that the best practices cannot be transformed in to successs and internal happiness, without the appropriate interpersonal and self-management skills and balance between all parts of life.  This finding is at the heart of Performance Development here at Center for Work Life.

Below are some great reasons clients seek  Center for Work Life Performance Coaching:

  • Pursuing career ambitions with clear eye sight
  • Finding the right career path regardless of age or status
  • Career effectiveness for best suited position and pay
  • Identifying true strenght and talents that guide your principle time
  • Challenge in integrating joy in every task
  • Uneven or sporadic performance due to loss of direction
  • Memory loss or shortness of patience and/or attention
  • Playing catch-up and constantly running behind on tasks
  • Demotivated self, family or staff who are undermining their efforts or are uncooperative
  • Performance issues associated with time management
  • College planning, including research, testing, essays, interviewing, etc.

Performance Programs

Career Planning

The Career Planning Program addresses the following pains:

  • Career dissatisfaction or goal ambiguity
  • Finding the right Career in line with your Talents and Values
  • Application planning whether job or career
  • Loss of passion, attention or drive for your job
  • Career derailment due to changes in life or ambition
  • Uncertainty with career direction and future mapping
  • Shortness of influence as a key player within organization

The WIN Program

Traditional “searching” strategies are no loner effective for today’s global economy, and neither are the traditional channels.  We have the tools and the winning strategies to catapult your career planning process and job search forward. Center for Work Life’s  WIN Program is the most comprehensive and cutting-edge career planning resource available in the market. No other program puts the same high volume of information and tools in the palm of your hand

Work Life Balance and Stress Management

Be the Best You Program™

What’s often standing in the way of growth and satisfaction for successful individuals are behavioral issues.  There are time management coaches out there, that focus on giving you tips for better organization.  In truth, you can now easily pick up an App and integrate this aspect.  Real issues in managing life are not due to lack of time, but rather presence of conflict.  Because we are behaviorist, we have the tools and skills to help you resolve the conflict and time management training then becomes only a small part of that.  Balancing work and life, or balancing work and family is not hard because we don’t have enough time.  It is our purpose that lags behind in time.

You are a human being.  Let yourself “Be the Best You” by learning  your mechanisms of choice, your values that derive at the “Best Self.”  By analyzing your whole self, you will learn the behavioral tools that were not taught to you throughout your academic or career training.  Depending on your specific case, you will be provided a customized program that will equip  you to apply your value-based living each and every day for maximum effectiveness and maximum joy.

Here are the components of the Performance Effectiveness Training Curriculum  and what you receive as related to the three areas of performance, work and life balance, or career management.

1.  A detailed and systematic assessment including your emotional, developmental, personality and situation variables that guide your behavior.

2.  Your values as relative to your career, family, and personal goals will be assessed in detail.

3.  A detailed report inclusive of your “fall back” behaviors, “stress behaviors” and “last resort behaviors” will outline your  thought-action formula.

4.  A custom designed and  hands-on plan of action regarding your evaluated goals incorporating your “red flags” will be provided.

5.  Your coach will guide your actions and hold you accountable to make the goals a reality.


Chart for Stress Management

What does it really mean to have work life balance?  It’s all about assessing personal values and making every-day decisions based on those values. Below are some common symptoms of poor work life balance:

  • Possibly approaching burnout
  • Conflict in your work, home or within self
  • Relationship complaints or dissatisfied interactions
  • “Loneliness at the top”
  • Insufficient  stress management skills

Or check out the tips below to get started in the right direction…

Work-life Balance Tips for today:

1.  Make sure there’s white space in your schedule

2.  Treat family time as a priority over work

3.  Try no meeting Wednesdays

4.  Don’t allow for bad meetings

5.  Exercise during the work day

6.  Schedule times to be creative

7.  Know when to leave a task that doesn’t produce results

I have had the extreme pleasure of working with and referring clients to Farnaz. She is an eminently educated, meticulous, insightful and innovative professional. I have successfully referred clients to her who have been extremely satisfied with their results.

Alberto Herran,
Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial