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Corporate Team Building

Our team building activities simply deliver more, maximizing every training and development dollar you invest.

A Team Building Company or a Partner

Center for Work life, Orlando is the premier team-building organization in Orlando.  We can help you organize your own team-buiding event, by serving as a partner, providing you with state of the art team building activities, speaking at your event, designing workshops for you, referring you to trusted venues, planner etc. or we can custom build your event for you.

We begin the process by learning about your company, your people and your strengths and challenges. We explore team interactions and job roles within your teams. We take the time to learn about your team members’ motivations and engagement triggers.  Having the expertise of a psychologist, we get your team to view the “whole” individual and create the desire to grow together and instill the passion to make real and greater contributions.


Team Analysis Questionnaire:

1. Do team members understand what is expected of them?

2. Does the team as a whole understand what the goals and vision of the organization are?

3. Are all team members aware of resources available to them as a team to achieve their goals?

4. Are individual’s talents and strengths utilized effectively within the team and individually?

5. Does each team member understand their strengths and value to the organization?

6. Is there an effective feedback process in place to coach for performance?

7. Are there performance targets for team goals to reduce time in goal achievement?

8. Is the team struggling with low employee morale, retention and/or frequent miscommunication barriers?

9. Is there a policy in place for conflict resolution?

10. Does the team adjust well to the fluent and changing nature of the work place?

11. How are team members encouraged to work for the common good of the organization?

12. How have the indicators of success been evaluated within the organization? Are they reached frequently?


Corporate Retreats

Key Players Needs Analysis ™

Through the Key Players Needs Analysis process, and only when that analysis is complete, does the change begin to unfold.  We handle the task of designing the programs that will revitalize your workforce and get your team to cohesively drive results, so you can effectively grow at your key competencies.

Free Team Building Activities

If you want to offer team building to your team as just as a fuzzy process, and to say “we do them”, then we are not the right organization for you. There are free activities out there you can pick up and do, that don’t deliver any real results.  We don’t offer you off the shelf programs.  A good team building program not only addresses team strengths and challenges, helps build momentum for upcoming initiatives, but directly ties in to your organizations strategy and competitive advantage.  We become a  partner to help you “fire it up”!

Results of Effective Team Building:

1. Team functions well with less supervision

2. Higher levels of collaboration

3. Long term productivity and sustained synergy

4. Improved mutual growth

5. Reduced unproductive conflict

6. Increased sense of morale

7. Increased Team collaboration

8.  Increased Team engagement

9. Drastic communication effectiveness

10. Effective time management as measured by reduced negative conflict

How to Build a Team?

Research shows that teams work at their highest innovation and productivity when they are provided the atmosphere to overcome challenges together and celebrate that victory in “peace time”.  This is how the Center for Work Life Process works:

1.  We meet with your team

2.  Learn your culture

3.  Learn your challenges

4.  Deliver the unique opportunity to reinvigorate your team process.

 Who is it for?

There is common misconception that team-building has to cost an arm and a leg to be effective.  We believe your team is the most expensive part of the retreat, because lack of engagement, conflict and post-merger chaos, lead to lack of productivity.  We lead them to the maximum, and you get to take your greatest asset home.

We had the distinct pleasure of working with Farnaz Namin-Hedayati, Ph.D., Center for Work Life, for the past couple of years when she was the keynote speaker for two of our Central Florida Employment Council workshops. I was very impressed with Farnaz both as a presenter, motivator and professional. We are thrilled to say that her skill as a trainer kept our diverse group fully engaged. Here presentations are extremely powerful and practical! Whether you want to improve and expand your team’s skills or just stretch their comfort zone, the course Conflict Management was amazing. Although many of her ideas were new, everyone found it easy to understand these new and inspiring concepts about Management Models for Resolving Conflict in the Workplace. The feedback has been positive all around and we look forward to working with her once again in the near future.

Paulette Weir,
CFEC Director, Central Florida Employment Council

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