Communication Skills Training for Leaders

As a leader, you know that every encounter counts. Powerful public speaking skills for leaders enable influence and connection with an audience. Initiatives, sponsors, sales, projects, your team’s productivity, stake holder and customer relationships are on the line. When and wherever you are faced with the opportunity to speak, you have to leave a positive lasting impression.

Communication skills training will help you deliver any speech, no matter how brief or lengthy, and turn it into a presentation of confidence, which wows your audience.

Powerful Communication for Leaders:

There’s no doubt about it: Professionals who communicate effectively, get further faster, than those who don’t. Today, due to the effects of technology, limitations of time, and increased diversity of the work-force, topnotch communication skills are an absolute must if you want to have professional success. Although communication with power and finesse is not a skill that comes naturally to most, it is a definite deal breaker when it comes to growth. You’ve got an excellent idea that gets dismissed, and then 10 minutes later, someone else suggests it, and everyone is suddenly all for it. Or you’re speaking to someone up the chain of command and he/she acts like you are invisible. How frustrated do you feel?

This program is designed specifically for professionals like you. We’ve boiled it down to the most practical and most important skills you need to get your ideas across, resolve conflict, shine in meetings, persuade and influence others and that’s just a start! You will learn step-by-step how to’s for being regarded as highly credible, authoritative, and an individual that commands attention and gets things done. You will be armed with the tools and techniques you need to be a more motivating, more persuasive, and more effective leader. These are secrets of the world’s most successful and influential people!

     How to improve on your Communication Skills?

  • We will work with you to help you organize, write, edit, prepare and practice your key points and presentation tone.
  • No matter which industry, or how complex the message may be, our sessions will help focus and clarify your goals, so you connect with the audience quickly and make a lasting impact.Each session is customized, providing you with the focus to meet specific needs and goals. Individual training sessions allow you to work in real time and on projects that are already on your calendar.  Your core needs are delivered in a full speed preparation for your performance goal.

    As an assessment tool, we’ll videotape a practice session and provide constructive feedback. You leave not only fully prepared for your next “performance,” but with compelling messages and plan for continued improvement.  The results will be dramatically different.

    Our Process for Communication Skills Training

    What’s unique about our process?

  • We focus on both style and content. We work with our clients to create compelling content so that both the messenger and the message shine. We also coach our clients in cue processing, value-assessment, body language, gestures, voice, posture, movement, facial expression – all the important elements of verbal and non-verbal communication.What you will walk away with:
  • Confident speaking style
  • Comfortable body language
  • Effective gestures
  • Powerful voice
  • Polished professional image
  • Audience rapport
  • Intelligent presence
  • Gender Specific techniques such as humor and storytelling
  • Writing skills
  • Awareness skills
  • “Earfull” training
    These training sessions are ideal for:

    • Executives
    • Partners
    • Associates
    • Business development teams
    • Sales staff
    • Entrepreneurs/business owners
    • Professional Speakers
    • Experts
    • Authors
    • Analysts
    • Non profit leaders

    All Center for Work Life programs are customized to meet your unique needs and wants. We conduct surveys, interviews, or assessments to tailor the workshop to your level, skills, and needs.

    Coaching Program – Client and coach work together in 6 or 12 months formats. They meet monthly and stay in constant communication through phone and e-mail in-between meetings. We offer video conferencing as an option for clients with busy calendars. Clients may engage in videotaping and feedback sessions, and learn proprietary methods and tools such as the Audience Vitals, Straight-to-it method, Present to Decision Makers, Actionable Communication Diagnostics, and others.

    Program Evaluation – To ensure results and lasting change, we evaluate outcomes at 30-day and 6-month periods following completion of the coaching program.

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