Networking for Influence

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How do you take on the challenge and confidence to walk into any room and put out your hand to say hello to that one individual which you believe is important to you, your goals, or your success? And if you’re a more prominent networker, how do you leverage the contacts in to  relationships, leading to opportunities in order to be seen as a “gem” in your industry?  Unfortunately card collecting is not networking.  We have a 10-question test which tests your assumptions about whether you are a good networker.  Take the Top-Networker Challenge here.

Networking at Events

We call networking, “networthing” because we truly believe that, unlike your other assets which can be lost with a simple accident, an illness, or job loss, your contacts always stay with you.  In addition, we also call it networthing because networking, shouldn’t feel like work.  Although there is a certain process, and a logical set of steps that have to be followed, it should feel more like a dance, than work that is dull, or fruitless.

It has become common HR practice for organizations to now recruit based on measures such as “likeability” as well as the candidates’ well-connectedness.  So regardless of whether you are a business owner, in direct sales, a director or executive or a job hunter, you have to be a strong networker to be successful.

A strong networker knows how to hone in on the right individual, how to be active, without being too overpowering, how to entice rather than “show up and throw-up.  You know the old saying “the world is my oyster?” If someone is a strong networker, there really is no limit to what they can accomplish.  Whether networking on-line or in person, networking is a ritual and not a set of meaningless actions.  What’s more amazing?  With the advents of technology, the economical and global changes, networking is the greatest leverage when it comes to skills building.  Right next to leadership development and talent development.

How to Network Well?

We use simple but powerful networking tools in this program to help the professional realize that they can and should build “networking” into their extremely busy, and hectic life.  This training program can be adapted to any level professional as we tailor the tips and recommendations to suit your needs.  We look not only at techniques for working a room, but also how to make networking and building valued professional relationships a part of your everyday life and everyday voice.

These techniques include:

  • Networking from your desk
  • Networking where you live
  • “Whoville” networking
  • Networking at events or “Jam” networking

Whether you are attending conferences, tours, part of a webinar, on LinkedIn, traveling or on the phone, this program will help you have a strong core of knowledge about confidently connecting, and skillfully guiding high-stake conversations and situations.