The win strategy

Intelligent Outcomes for Success

What Does a WIN Strategy Entail?

We provide intensive career development training along with ongoing advice on every aspect of the career planning process.

Innovative Marketing Techniques and Lead Generation:

In addition to all the standard search techniques, we advocate creative approaches to opening doors of opportunity. We have more than 30 strategies for generating job leads. For example, beyond networking, we show participants how to build exceptional partnerships and relationships that lead to jobs, contract assignments, or entrepreneurship possibilities. In many cases, we also assist participants in getting published. These published articles generate direct job opportunities as well as providing credibility to the participant.

Bold Interviewing Strategies:

We actually discourage “interviewing.” We demonstrate how to create “business meeting” environments as opposed to the traditional interview approach, which can be intimidating and very one-sided.

Compensation and Salary Negotiations:

This involves comprehensive guidance in the salary negotiation process. Every aspect of the compensation package is considered and reviewed. Employment contract reviews are just a call away.

Computer Proficiency Training:

While the majority of our participants have good computer skills, we have discovered that by providing “tips and tricks,” we dramatically improve their computer efficiency and effectiveness. We focus on using MS Office suite (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint). During our internet training, we also provide “tips and tricks” for internet interface.

Communication Skills Training:

Creating high-impact collateral, effective written and verbal messaging, and powerful documents requires distinct planning and a strong skill set. We provide “tips and tricks” so you just aim and win.

Interviewing Technique

Interviewing shows many things about you. Are you a good communicator? How do you perform under stress? Do you have what it takes to take the company to the top? It is the window to what kind of professional you will actually be. If you cannot convince someone that you are worth the job you are applying for, then how can they rely on you to convince clients you are worth it? The ability to sell yourself to employers and clients is a crucial component to success. Our research constantly stays abreast of what employers look for and as a previous HR executive, she will give you the “scoop” as to how to “wow” them from the minute you get in the door.

Credentials Development

Instead of the traditional hit and miss, resumes, we guide the participant in submitting documentation to produce his/her extraordinary credentials of distinction. Our previous credentials have received praise from hiring executives and recruiters across the country. The portfolio includes a results-oriented two- or three-page resume, key accomplishment summaries (one page each) when appropriate to the selected program, and a statement of insights relevant to the targeted industry or position when appropriate to the selected program. Using this portfolio strategy, we consistently help place people at the highest level, including CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, and department heads. Your portfolio may include professionally designed tables, charts, or graphs to visually illustrate your documented record of leadership and performance. We take our time developing and writing your credentials of distinction, so you make a statement. After the portfolio is complete, you will receive an electronic file to add to your portfolio.

Introductions and Opportunities

We will provide introductions to key recruiters, VC’s and PE’s relevant to your industry or functional area. This will give you a positive edge to have the ear of a trusted mentor who will be your spokesperson and possibly recommend you. You will be able to receive position announcements not advertised to the public.

Expert Video Clips

As part of a social media strategy, Center for Work Life can shoot expertise video clips for you which can be uploaded to YouTube or a video hosting site of your choice. Imagine the impact on hiring executives when you present yourself in streaming video, outlining how your expertise can affect an organization’s performance! Coupled with your impressive online credentials, this feature can really put you head and shoulders above other candidates.

Business and Social Networking

We offer comprehensive training and implementation, on state-of-the-art strategies and tactics for building a powerful Internet presence and tools in connecting to the right individual.