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Training for Teams

Intelligent Outcomes for Success

Team Training Focuses:

Team Training Programs Chart

Top Performing Teams

Top performing teams have a clear direction and a common understanding of their roles and values, which is often attained through careful team development.  Here are some of the qualities they share:

  1. The right composition
  2. Strong relationships with stakeholders outside the team
  3. The trust and respect of their colleagues
  4. The ability to review their own performance and continuously learn and be open to improve

Team Facilitation and EI Coaching

Executive Committee, Board of Directors or Performing Team(s)

Team coaching helps CEOs guide their senior leadership teams as well as board members to have effective strategic planning. When the members of a leadership team are out of sync with one another, or not diverse enough, the impact on the company can be dire.

Dr. Namin-Hedayati works to encourage team synergy and gets the members of a leadership team working in-sync. She partners with CEOs to develop and execute a strategy for coaching team members to strengthen their relationships with one another, manage conflict, and communicate with candor in the executive team setting.

Coaching is a catalyst for helping team members agree upon a common vision and strategy for the organization. Communication skill development will guide the team in winning buy-in and commitment from one another and the organization on execution strategy.

Emotionally Intelligent Team Building

Center for Work life of Orlando is the premier team-building organization. We can help you organize your own team-building event, by serving as a partner, providing you with state of the art team building activities, speaking at your event, designing workshops for you, referring you to trusted venues, planner etc. or we can custom build your event for you. We offer a variety of solutions from trust building activities, and work life balance workshops to company retreat planning and more.

Workforce Training

Workforce training is about building skills and knowledge for success. Our workforce training program is carefully designed to help teams meet goals and grow stronger. Within the workforce training program, Center for Work Life offers a few niche focuses. Some of these focus areas within the program are listed below.
  • Salesforce Training
  • Medical Programs
  • Additional Custom Training Session Opportunities
  • Team Communication
Still looking for more information? Check out the materials we’ve provided below to help you determine your needs.

Team Analysis Questionnaire:

  1. Do team members understand what is expected of them?
  2. Does the team as a whole understand what the goals and vision of the organization are?
  3. Are all team members aware of resources available to them as a team to achieve their goals?
  4. Are individual’s talents and strengths utilized effectively within the team and individually?
  5. Does each team member understand their strengths and value to the organization?
  6. Is there an effective feedback process in place to coach for performance?
  7. Are there performance targets for team goals to reduce time in goal achievement?
  8. Is the team struggling with low employee morale, retention and/or frequent  miscommunication barriers?
  9. Is there a policy in place for conflict resolution?
  10. Does the team adjust well to the fluent and changing nature of the work place?
  11. How are team members encouraged to work for the common good of the organization?
  12. How have the indicators of success been evaluated within the organization? Are they reached frequently?

Throughout the coaching process, Center for Work Life takes a snapshot of the communication needs and skill gaps of the overall team, and gains insight into solutions for moving forward. Getting members in-sync and leveraging the talent and energy of your executive team is the only sure way to accelerate your business results.