Bonnie and Clyde Actions Excusable

Bonnie and Clyde: Actions Excusable?

Glenn Llopis recently contributed an article for Forbes entitled Eight Clear Signs It’s Time To Make A Leadership Change. In this piece, Llopis describes meeting with leaders of a long established brand, and being alarmed by the immaturity and general lack of leadership ability displayed by the team.

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Pope Benedict

Lessons from the Catholic Church: Succession Planning?

Champ Rawls of The Rawls Group in Orlando, FL makes a good case for the correlation between Catholic Church leadership and succession planning. With Pope Benedict’s recent decision to step down, Rawls draws attention to the striking similarities between the responsibilities of the Pope and of a business leader.

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The Millennial Revolution

MMM for the Millennial Revolution

Historically, insurrectionists have typically been greeted with hostility, and interestingly Millennials are often seen as insurrectionists in the workforce. However, a more appropriate description of Generation Y (Millennials) might be revolutionists.

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Career Couple Ego Slam

Career Couple Ego Slam

In today’s evolving society, fewer spouses are staying home. Hard-working achievers with busy schedules and high pressure positions comprise many relationships.

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The Phony Holiday Valentine’s Day

The Phony Holiday: Valentine’s Day

Let’s take a break from office-talk today and focus on work life balance and strengthening personal relationships through EI.
On his vlog, Mike Baxter of the comedy TV series, Last Man Standing, describes Valentine’s Day as a “phony, stupid, con game.” This is an example of emotional intelligence “hitting the fan” at high speed.

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Why Business Success needs Business Women

We like to talk about the success of women in business, but how involved with business are women really? Time Magazine reports in the article “Confidence Woman” from March of 2013 that only 17 heads of state out of 195 are female.

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