What is win?

Intelligent Outcomes for Success
The Center for Work Life is ahead of the wave in career planning techniques. In fact, Dr. F. Hedayati, Ph.D. serves as a career expert and consultant to various worldwide career development and search organizations and has designed this unique program based on her research in to various organizations and recruiting teams.

Here is how it works:


Many people believe that the Q & A process defines the outcome of the interview process. Our research over 15 years of human resources selections process shows that the evaluation of a candidate takes place within the first second that individual’s first sentence comes across the recruiter’s desk or he/she walks in the door. So we equip you with detailed tools in the form of analysis wrapped with a bow designed just for your skill set, style and values. We believe in the wow factor. Depending on the skills set presented and the interview behaviors practiced, you will be able to walk in and sweep your audience off their feet. Prior to initiating a search, we conduct a comprehensive analysis and definition of the participant’s leadership and management strengths, including personality but more importantly behavioral profile. Skill set and key accomplishments are discovered through a comprehensive and intriguing assessment, along with intensive consultation. This analysis also includes identification of obstacles that may present problems in the search.


If you are unclear about what you want, the interviewer will certainly pick that up. The key we believe is knowing your strengths, wants and intentions. Without this, you will either end up with a position you dislike later, or you will not be re-invited to begin with. The WOW system trains you to be the audience as well as the narrator of the process. It’s a win-win situation.


Parameters are defined by you and for you. You will only get what you wish for. No one is going to drag you up and put you in the place where you belong. Through benchmarking, market research and intense mind mapping, we zero in on what your needs are and draw out the boundaries that get you there. This analysis also includes identification of obstacles that may present problems in the search. Following the assessment, a strategic career marketing plan is developed to target positions, industries, or other career opportunities.