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Intelligent Outcomes for Success

ABC Mortgage Company

Facing a 300% turnover rate among members of its sales department, a mortgage company realized that something had to be done, and FAST. This excessive turnover was one of the biggest threats facing the company at the time.

Through the CFWL EQ Leadership Training program this company wisely determined that the problem originated in the leader-employee communication process. Simply put they could not “get the right people on the bus” and it was hurting them big time.

Having obtained access to the root of the problem, the mortgage company sought out the tools to remedy this problem. That tool was a comprehensive assessment of organization’s visions and strategies incorporating key employee behaviors necessary to get to the top.

“The EQ 360 Identified ™ gave life to a change in leadership planning and employee communication that we never imagined.”

Amazingly in just 6 months, turnover in the sales department was reduced a whopping 250%. Thanks to the power of the Assessment, this company is able to better focus its energy serving its customers as opposed to fighting fires within.