Intelligent Outcomes for Success

TV Show Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Body Language

Breaking Bad is one of the hottest shows on television right now. In fact, Ozymandias (the most recent episode) lit up social media conversations and hit Google’s top trends. Viewers can’t get enough of the desolation and desperation. The show is a shining example of creating empathy through body language.

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Office Christmas

The Office Holiday Goose!

Hopefully your work life balance is in check and you’re spending time with your family this holiday season. But whether you’re on the job or away on break, we’ve got a fun The Office Holiday Game to bring you some added holiday cheer.

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Office Intelligence

Is the maneuvering of office politics just another great way we can use Emotional Intelligence? While the economy has pushed organizations to eliminate various positions and competition for the remaining positions soars, the need to “play the game,” increases.

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Lions and Tigers and Confidence, oh my!

Laugh if you will, but who hasn’t struggled with confidence? Maybe you turned away from that sport you once loved or that hobby that could have been fun, because you didn’t think it was “your strong suit.” What about the promotion at work that you haven’t had the confidence to pursue?

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