Intelligent Outcomes for Success

Meet GM's New CEO Mary Barra

Mary Barra’s Leadership

Mary Barra is the highest ranking woman in the automotive industry. She is the newest CEO of GM and in 2005 she appeared on the list of 100 leading women in the auto industry, by Automotive News (Business Week). These facts are just a glimpse at her success. Jerry Hirsch of the Los Angeles Times describes Mary: “When she starts her new gig on Jan. 15, she’ll be arguably the most powerful female executive in America, joining a group of just 23 women currently heading Fortune 500 companies.

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Looking for a Job

Combating the Unemployment rate

The March 2013 unemployment numbers are in from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and they aren’t exactly cause for celebration. Having only dropped 0.1% to a national unemployment rate of 7.6%, employers and employees have reason for concern.

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