Intelligent Outcomes for Success
Farnaz Namin, Ph.D. is a dual trained psychologist in clinical and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She specializes in conflict resolution, emotional intelligence at work and in family communications, best career and employment practices as well as Talent and Leadership Development in the workforce. She has over 18 years of experience in both arenas and while consulting she coaches and facilitates leadership development with executives teams within the government, and private sectors including fortune organizations. She brings deep experience in Organization Development, Change Management, Strategy in execution, Process Improvement, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching.

Her view is that Talent Management should be used as a strategic tool in conjunction with the priniciples of human behavior to buid Business Strategy in order to lead to improved customer and employee satisfaction and overall organization health and performance. She has served in various consultative roles as a trusted advisor to HR Business Partners, their teams, and various business units, guiding performance management, talent and leadership development. A graduate and Trainee of Pepperdine University, as well as the the Marshal Goldsmith School of Business in Los Angles California, she has specialized training in human factors, and the research behind performance improvement. She is a current lecturer at the University of Central Florida, in subject areas such as Social Psychology, Organization Development, Consulting, and Organization Behavior as well as an expert speaker to various organizations within the U.S. and abroad. Busy executive teams tend to love Dr. Namin’s approach to training and team building because of its simplistic and practical design and hands on approach.
As a subject matter expert in Employment Practices, Deception and Character assessment, as well as Organization Effectiveness, Dr. Namin has helped teams from organizations around the world achieve positive, long-term, measurable change. As an expert speaker, Farnaz has served as consultant or coach to such major organizations such as Citicorp, Sprint, Sirona Health, SalesForce, IBM, State Farm, Merrill Lynch, Marriott International, Genesys, Ameriprise Financial, Eprentise, Rosen Hotels and Resorts, Merck, Gooch and Housego, Aflac, The Golf Channel, Westgate Resorts, Caterpillar, Bank of America, Lockheed Martin, Verizon Wireless, Blue Cross, etc.

Through her systematic and metrics based approach tied in with practical training and coaching strategies, Dr. Namin has led the implementation of ROI metrics for data driven change and has developed and utilized an array of assessments and tools within the fields of talent development, leadership development and coaching, team effectiveness and team building and feedback related performance . She has demonstrated consistent success in translating performance gaps, to strategic talent development, and leadership effectiveness in helping build an emotionally intelligent organization strategy through linking business profitability with strong relationship management capabilities within teams and leaders.

Dr. Farnaz Namin is a leading practitioner across the U.S. and Abroard. She serves on various regulatory governing panels including her role as the Florida Key Psychologist, representing the Florida Psychological Association in state and federal work-force regulatory planning and legislature. She is also a regular guest expert on media networks such as FOX, HLN, and scientific publications for trade and professional magazines, such as the Huffington Post, Boston Herald, and The New York Post.

She will be honored to work with you or your organization in any of the areas of executive coachingleadership developmentexecutive succession planningemotional intelligence trainingcareer planningstaff development, and coaching for communication in the workplace.