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Successful Employee Selection

5 Behavioral Interview
Question Examples:

When you read a magazine,
what are some favorite topics you gravitate toward?
What three adjectives best describe you?
How would you deal with a complaint against you?
How do you build successful relationships with people?
If you had to pick, what would you say was the most important event in your life?

From 21 Get to the Bottom of it Interview Questions

Research shows that the cost of turn-over for an executive level position is at least 150% of the yearly salary of the position in question.  Furthermore, the average tenure of an executive especially within the c-suite is less than 3 years. So why is it that year after year, and hire after hire, organizations use the three typical ways to screen candidates?

Common Ways to Screen Candidates:

  1. History and resume
  2. Executive search referrals
  3. Interviewer impressions

Whether or not you employ a recruitment company, interview results are problematic in the same way that work-history and references are. That is, you have no sure-fire way to scale the applicant’s responses so you can meaningfully rank him or her.  In reality 95% of current interviewing data used in Fortune 500 organizations lead to the danger of hiring the person who can best “tell you what you want to hear.”

What should result from a successful Employee Selection Program?

The spokesperson for your organization


We are experts in the design and delivery of the The Fit Test

Building an effective team is no easy task.  However from an overall strategic HR perspective, it is much more effective to hire a team member to a match an existing culture and team, rather than back-track.  Job fit and organization fit are equally important and although many companies use behavioral -type questions to try to match the candidate with the job, they are relying on invalid metrics, and simply don’t have the behavioral acumen to avoid the pitfalls embedded within the interview process.

You want to know that a management candidate has good communication and interpersonal skills, but you also want to know about their overall leadership talents and managerial style, their work ethic and organization citizenship behavior.  You want someone who is skillful within their role, but you need someone who has potential to be the spokesperson for your organization.

You need an emotionally intelligent candidate who will be able to grow the business as well as grow the team. Don’t you have enough to focus on without going into so much detail in the short time allocated to complete the interview?

Many HR managers believe that the administration of one or more personality tests is a comprehensive pre-employment assessment.   It’s common to go through a large stack of resumes, only to find they are interviewing a complete different individual than they had hoped for. 

selection personality graphics2

Serving as your organizations Talent Strategist, Center for Work Life will design your customized assessments with you to incorporate your unique organization’s business needs, but also serve as your trusted advisor in conducting the behavioral interviews. As a result, you can more effectively focus your time on the business and your core competencies and sit back and relax as we deliver the right team member to you, who will thrive and be a strong suit on a silver platter.

Center for Work Life’s Top Performer Profiling System TM

top performer profiling system

Your Selection ROI Data

Located in Orlando, is the only Industrial psychologist and trained behaviorist, who can not only design the best position for your organization, but to also help you fill that high value position with the best top talent. We hire with the microscope, so you receive the BIC TM  (Best in Class).  Here is more, once you go through the program for one of your hires, you receive the detailed reports which certifies the process.  From there on, you can call on us for the interviewing phase of your search.  Here is what’s in your comprehensive report:

bic profiling

Stop relying on subjective competencies and “gut feel” hiring. Objectively define & quantify the ace card.  Successful executives mean successful organizations.

Employee Selection Program Works Wonders For Customer Service Firm…

A customer service company was continually fighting an uphill battle with employee retention. It was typical for this company to experience a 60% turnover rate with new employees during their first 60 days on the job. They chose to focus on hiring the right people for the job versus attempting to keep the wrong people “on the bus”. This customer service company discovered the power of the Success Profiling System.

The result: no turnover for 60 days. The reduction in turnover is not the only benefit; because new employees are well fit for their job position, they are happier, as are those around them. 

I have had the extreme pleasure of working with and referring clients to Farnaz. She is an eminently educated, meticulous, insightful and innovative professional. I have successfully referred clients to her who have been extremely satisfied with their results.