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Truthfulness and CharacterEvaluation

Often times, as human beings, individuals may make decisions that jeopardize their future. However, the discovery of intent of the individul in making the choice versus mistake or inadvertance could be the differentiating factor. We use leading cutting-edge behavioral science to decode, measure, analyze and systematically evaluate individuals’ cognitions and emotions. Whether in the context of security, job assessment, business ventures, healthcare, law enforcement, conflict resolution or interpersonal relations, we offer a range of services in the field of forensics though emotion detection, and ethics and credibility assessment to assist minimization of risk due to fraud and deception.

Expert Witness And Court Testimony

We hope that in exercising your life’s passion and your work, family life, and business ventures, you never have to get involved in any kind of wrongful accusation, hindrance, litigation or worst, a court battle. But the reality is, sometimes you simply don’t have a choice. Employees, partners, corporations, boards, and even family owned businesses could become involved in defensive battle, or litigation overnight. When that happens, you need a trusted advisor that can clearly understand your agony and work with your attorney to get you the positive outcomes quickly, so you can feel at ease knowing your rights are protected.

Only an HR professional and a Corporate Psychologist with expertise and tools in the science of deception, can assist in grey areas where simply telling the truth is not enough to set the record straight. Whether in employment/contract law, in hiring or termination practices, career planning, partnerships and or family related matters, there is a fine line between mistake and negligence, ill faith and lack of knowledge and honest error vs. deceitfulness. Often times, the burden of truth weighs heavier on the innocent party.

No case is an open-close case, because with global diversity, the landscape of law is constantly changing. When you need a knowledgeable and competent professional by your side, there is only one choice.

Professional Speaker

Everyone can be a speaker, but only one individual speaks to be heard and to transform. If you just want to deliver a message, and no action, anyone will do. But if you need to create real, ever-lasting change and move the audience toward new behavior, only a catalyst can spark that engine.

Testing and Psychological Evaluation

Work and Life are a tricky business! With the globalization of the workforce, and the scales of economy, breaches in cyberspace security, identity theft, and battles in politics and public policy, people and organizations can no longer purely function under the same security principles. Security is what we can proove and contract for ours, with Data. Whether a c-level executive, a sales representative, a public figure, a top security officical, or financial officer, division lead, athlete, simple employee or parent, there are a multitude of scenariors that we may no be in control of on a daily basis, but put us at risk. Perception is a remarkable thing. It is in the “eye of the beholder”. When your due deligence, is simply not enough, scientifically valid testing and evaluations are will make a huge difference.