Cashflowpreneur Review (Updated 2024): Is Austin Zelan The Best Investment Coach?

Updated On: March 27, 2024

Welcome to my Cashflowpreneur review. My goal is to answer common questions like: how much it costs, if it's a scam, and if you can actually make money with it. The end goal is to help you understand if it's a good fit for you personally, and if there are any better alternatives out there.
Cashflowpreneur Review

This Cashflowpreneur review has been throughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Hello and welcome to my Cashflowpreneur review.

Has Austin Zelan’s, Cashflowpreneur, flooded your social media feed?

Perhaps a friend is raving about how it could make you mega-rich.

Or it could be, you are out to prove your partner wrong, that this isn’t a scam at all.

Either way, you’re on the right track by taking the time to research and read my Cashflowpreneur review.

The right program can really change your financial situation.

Luckily, I’ve researched some questions you might have in mind, such as:

  • Who is Austin Zelan?
  • What is the Cashflowpreneur Program and what’s it about?
  • How much does the Cashflowpreneur Program cost and what are the pros and cons?
  • Is the Cashflowpreneur Program a scam or the real deal?
  • Are there better courses/business models worth exploring?

Why should you trust me?

I’ve been involved in online marketing for over six years and have seen many courses come and go.

I’ve made my share of mistakes and want to help you avoid making the same ones.

Think of this review as a shortcut on your journey to making real wealth.

Stick around for the next 10 minutes and let’s figure out if Austin Zelan is really the best Investment Coach. Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Program At A Glance


The Cashflowpreneur program is a Passive Income Investing Course. Austin Zelan’s course shares his money-making secrets. If you’re stuck, he’ll help one-on-one. But, there’s no group chat for extra support. Despite his online fame, some folks on places like Reddit didn’t love the Cashflowpreneur course.

What I liked
Cashflowpreneur opens the doors to a wide variety of unique investment options in different sectors and asset types, giving you an opportunity to tap into profitable businesses.
The program features daily coaching calls, extensive coaching sessions, and weekly updates. This ensures that you get tailored help and support on your journey to generating passive income.
Austin Zelan's promise to help you achieve six-figure passive income within one year mirrors his confidence in Cashflowpreneur. This commitment speaks volumes about the program's potential to effectively guide participants to financial success.
What I Didn’t Like
The Cashflowpreneur program's cost and refund rules aren't explicitly mentioned, leading to doubts and potential disappointment.
Cashflowpreneur has drawn some negative attention and doubts, especially on platforms like Reddit, creating suspicion about its effectiveness and the supposed "success stories."
There's no evidence of an engaging community or support group linked with Cashflowpreneur. This could leave you feeling isolated in your journey towards passive income.
Time Investment3/5The Cashflowpreneur program requires a significant time investment due to the daily coaching and weekly updates.
Level of Command2/5The level of command in the Cashflowpreneur program may vary based on your investing experience.
Ease of Implementation2/5You might find it difficult to navigate the program effectively without clear guidelines and support structures in place.

TLDR – What’s The Verdict On The Cashflowpreneur Program by Austin Zelan?

 What’s The Verdict On The Cashflowpreneur Program by Austin Zelan

You’re researching the Cashflowpreneur program because you want more money, right?

You want to start reeling in passive income as quickly as possible instead of waiting years. 

Let’s get real for a minute.

The word “passive” can be misleading. It sounds like easy money, right?

Well, sorry, that’s not really the truth of it. 

Whether it’s writing a book, creating an online course, or buying stock – all these “passive” income sources need some elbow grease.

Effort at the beginning, staying on top of things, and tweaks along the way are all pretty much needed. 

Yep, online whizzes might paint a pretty picture of hammocks and beach money. But behind every “passive” success tale is a story of sweat, determination, and always learning new tricks.

But, what if there was a different way?

A way to start seeing profits quickly?

Imagine a chill system without checking charts obsessively or the crazy amount of work needed to create a stream of income.

Think a steady $2,000 – $10,000 monthly income, without being glued to a screen. Sounds good? 

Check out the Digital Rental Method

If you still want a peek into the Cashflowpreneur course, keep reading!

Who Benefits And Doesn’t Benefit From the Cashflowpreneur Program? 

Who Benefits And Doesn't Benefit From the Cashflowpreneur Program 

So, who’s winning and who’s losing with Cashflowpreneur? Let’s find out.

Who Benefits from the Cashflowpreneur Program

  1. If you want to earn passive income and be totally financially free.
  2. If you’re interested in unique investment methods in different sectors and assets.
  3. If you’re looking for help and training in investment and getting business funding.
  4. If you want daily coaching calls and one-on-one support in your journey to passive income.
  5. If you’re interested in learning Austin Zelan’s personal tips and tricks for investing.

Who Doesn’t Benefit from Cashflowpreneur Program

  1. If you want a supportive community, like a Facebook group.
  2. If you have doubts about the program’s price transparency and community involvement.
  3. People who prefer a program with solid and proven information; as well as success stories and student testimonials.

Business ModelProgram – The 1,000FT Overview Of This Online Opportunity

Business ModelProgram - The 1,000FT Overview Of This Online Opportunity

Time to get into the nitty gritty of Austin’s, Cashflowpreneur.

Business Model

Cashflowpreneur claims to be your ticket to financial freedom. It’s a program by Austin Zelan, an entrepreneur and investor who’s made his own path to riches. 

He knows what it’s like to want more from life.

From training courses and mentorships to investment tips, Austin has you covered. He’s dedicated his life to helping ordinary folks make extraordinary income (hopefully).

With Cashflowpreneur, there’s no mountain too high. You’ll get a wealth of knowledge, resources, and even access to exclusive investments. Austin even promises to help you make a six-figure income within a year.

Most millionaires have three or more streams of income, with 65% having three streams, 45% having four, and 29% having five or more income sources.

For example in the real estate business, real estate syndications, is a form of passive income. It can offer yearly returns of around 8% and potentially provide a 30%-50% lump-sum return at the end of a five-year investment period 

Generally, how long it takes to start making passive income depends on the kind of passive income you choose and the effort you invest.

For instance, setting up a membership website can help you start making passive income quite fast. You might even begin earning $10,000 per month after launching your website.

About The Guru- Austin Zelan

Austin Zelan

Austin Zelan is a U.S. entrepreneur, investor, and helper-at-heart. He created Cashflowpreneur to guide folks around the globe towards financial freedom.

His mission? To help you earn a passive income and hit six-figure earnings.

He provides educational content and exclusive investment opportunities designed to enhance your wealth. His Cashflowpreneur program, highlights the potential for substantial passive income within a year.

Austin promises personal mentoring to help you earn six figures each year. Tempting, right?

But, some reviews have raised questions about how legit his course is.


Cashflowpreneur Cost

Cashflowpreneur Program Cost

Looking for a price to join Austin Zelan’s Cashflowpreneur program? You might run into a wall. There’s no clear cost on the Cashflowpreneur website. No hint about getting your money back if you’re not happy. Even the course content’s a secret. That’s a bit weird, don’t you think? Smells fishy…

What Makes Cashflowpreneur by Austin Zelan Unique? 

Austin’s Cashflowpreneur mixes it up, bringing unique investment opportunities that you don’t usually see out there.

They say their uniqueness is by providing daily coaching calls, exclusive trading software, and hands-on help to steer you towards achieving financial freedom.

What’s the cherry on top?

You get one-on-one mentorship with weekly updates. You’ll explore investments like Forex trading, Airbnb properties, and even private jet ownership.

However, some people have questioned whether it really works.

Make sure you check out all the facts before you jump in!

Unveiling The Unveiling The Cashflowpreneur Scam: My Personal Opinion

Unveiling The Unveiling The Cashflowpreneur Scam

Is Cashflowpreneur a scam? The short answer: no.

Can you earn big with it? Totally!

Is it as easy as Austin Zelan makes it seem? Not really. 

It takes a heap of work and determination to create a passive income stream. Sure, once it’s up and running it requies less maintenance to keep it going. 

But here’s where it gets tricky.

When you decide to add another income source, you’ll find yourself back at square one, working round the clock to get it off the ground.

And this is a double-edged sword—your focus gets divided, management becomes tricky, and you might see a decline in your already established income. 

You might think, “Well, then I’ll just put all my energy into one big income source.”  But what if it fails? You’re left with nothing.

Quite frankly, it’s a balancing act and requires a strategic approach to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket and falling short without a backup plan.

Most people can’t emotionally handle months of even years of this rollercoaster ride. 

Me? I’d rather spend that time creating Digital Rental Properties and then reaping the benefits – nice little paychecks every month (now that’s passive income).

What’s awesome is that you can be up and running much sooner – within 2 weeks using the Digital Rental Method. 

It lets you live a true “laptop lifestyle,” from anywhere with Wi-Fi.  

You just need to bring your laptop.  

Some of my pals run their booming businesses while: 

  • Enjoying Gelato in Rome’s bustling street
  • Watching a sunset at Santorini’s beautiful beaches 
  • Hiking through the breathtaking Machu Picchu trail 

They live first and worry about money second. And it’s all thanks to this program. 

Even when they take time off, the cash keeps flowing.  

Happiness is the ultimate goal.  

If a life living your vacation dreams sounds cool to you, then Check Out The Digital Rental Method!

To Buy Or Not To Buy According To The Cashflowpreneur Program Review

Like I mentioned before, there’s not a lot of information available on Cashflowpreneur.

Let’s take a peek into what I could find.

Cashflowpreneur is designed to teach you how to make money while you sleep. Here are the main highlights:

  • Passive Income Investing Course: Learn Austin’s secrets to successful investing.
  • Express Funding Course: It helps you secure over $100,000 in 0% business funding. 
  • Daily Coaching Calls: Get daily access to coaching sessions with Austin, including past calls and live sessions. 
  • Exclusive Investments: Austin introduces unique opportunities like Forex trading, Airbnb ownership and private jet investment. But keep in mind, these unconventional options don’t have historical data to guide you.

How Other Business Models Compare

There are numerous other online business models that can help you earn money. Here are a few:

Local lead generation is a tactic to draw potential clients from a certain area to a business’s website or product. It uses focused marketing methods to reach out to people close by and turn them into leads. This strategy emphasizes creating strong connections with local customers, which can lead to more successful conversions, enhanced brand visibility, and a higher return on investment compared to wider marketing initiatives targeting national or international leads.

The digital real estate is a business model that helps you make money online. It’s like being a landlord, but for digital real estate properties like websites or online platforms. You rent out these assets to local businesses, who get more customers because your digital properties rank high on Google. This model provides steady cash flow and the flexibility to grow in the online market.

The SEO affiliate marketing business model involves promoting products or services as an affiliate and using SEO to attract visitors. Affiliates add links to their websites or socials, and if someone uses these links to buy something, the affiliate makes money.

SEO helps affiliates get noticed on search engines. By featuring the right words (keywords), producing quality content, and adding links from other sites (backlinks), affiliates can get a higher rank on search engines, attracting more people.

But, it’s essential to consider the possible complications, like competition, costs, time spent, changing algorithms, and legal aspects. 

For successful real estate investors, a unique opportunity for building massive wealth is through lease options. In simple terms, as an investor, you’ll rent a property and also have the option to buy it later. This way, you’re not full-on owning the property, but you control it.

You can even profit by renting it out for more than your own rent. Later, you can choose to sell it at a higher price, maximizing your profits. This real estate process offers a creative way to achieve financial freedom by increasing income from real estate investing without shouldering the burden of full property ownership.

The Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) model lets online sellers use Amazon’s marketplace to sell their stuff. They can also use Amazon’s extensive services like packaging and customer service. They can store their inventory in Amazon’s centers, and Amazon manages the shipping for them. Because of this, their products qualify for Amazon Prime shipping. Plus, sellers get the support of built-in customer service and the chance to grow their business. They can use advertising tools to make their products more visible on the platform. So, Amazon FBA makes it easier for sellers to reach more customers, boost their sales, and grow their online business.

Is The Cashflowpreneur Program Right For You?

If we dial it down to the basics, I would say it’s best to avoid the Cashflowpreneur program.

People have aired their frustration about the course on platforms like Reddit.

Their problems with Cashflowpreneur are around the unclear pricing, a huge lack of support, and fishy reviews from past “students.”

Sure, the program promises unique investment strategies and mentoring, but there’s a cloud of doubt on whether these strategies truly deliver and the legitness of their success stories.

Read Our In Depth Breakdown Of The Top 5 StocksOpp Courses For 2024

Did Cashflowpreneur Make The List?

After thoroughly researching all aspects, I’m hesitant to fully endorse the purchase of the Cashflowpreneur program.

What’s My Number #1 Way To Make Money Online In 2024?

What’s My Number #1 Way To Make Money Online

Confession time. I’ve had my fingers in many online business pies: 

  • Crypto trader? Been there.
  • Selling fidget spinners on Amazon? Done that.
  • Drop-shipping unique products on Shopify? Yup.
  • Promoting women’s health supplements? You bet.

And I’ve earned from each one. So, believe me, there’s no single “perfect” biz model. 

But, if I were to pick my top pick for making genuine online money, it would be: the Digital Rental Method. 

No matter if you’re new to this world or you’ve tried it all, but still waiting for that “big win”, the Digital Rental Method might be your answer.

Why, you ask? Read on!

1) What About Time?: Got a couple of hours to spare? Perfect! You can totally crush this. If you’re ready to go all-in, that’s even better! More time can equal faster results. But even spending a few hours a day is enough to find success.

And the great part? Once the income starts flowing, it’s on auto-pilot. So go ahead, take that month off, travel, or chill. Remember, it’s all possible because you’ve set up a source of income that doesn’t need you around 24/7. 

2) Who’s In Control Here?: For example, in the trading markets, you’re only a spectator. It’s harsh but true – you have no control over market trends. Folks who’ve consistently beat the market are a rare breed. 

So why pour your heart and soul into a ship you can’t steer? Here’s where the Digital Rental Method shines!

You own everything. You control everything. How awesome is that?

3) Easy To Duplicate: The beauty of your first Digital Rental Property? You simply replicate it, and you’ve got another profitable venture in days.

Doubling your income couldn’t be simpler! 

Think about passive income strategies.

To double your income, think about the  level of ongoing work needed to keep the passive income flowing.  Which is significantly more challenging than a few clicks and a phone call.

3) Help Real People Make Money: When you profit from most passive income streams, it’s all about you. Someone else loses. With the Digital Rental Method, you help genuine problems that real people are asking you to help with: 

Small local businesses across the globe desperately need customers. No customers mean no business. If you can supply the customers, they’ll be thrilled – and they’ll pay you for it. 

Think of the Digital Rental Method as a handy tool for local business owners. Not only does it pump up profits, and make the business stronger, but it also gives an economic boost to the whole community. Pretty cool, right?

So, what’s next? You could keep looking at other programs like Cashflowpreneur, which might make money…if you’re lucky. 

Or, keep researching…for months, even years, without committing to a decision. 

Then again, you could believe in your dreams and ambitions, decide to act, like thousands of students before you, and make a fortune while genuinely helping people in need.

If this sounds like you, click here to see how it all works.



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