Our Process

Intelligent Outcomes for Success

A psychologically healthy change and development process starts with a leadership culture that fosters employee effectiveness and well-being while enhancing organizational performance and productivity.

In today’s 24/7 culture, workplace pressures continue to mount. Productivity demands, information overload and increasing pressures to balance work and home lives can take a toll on employees’ health, well-being and job satisfaction.

It is important to note that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to creating effective change. Success is based in part on addressing the challenges unique to you or your particular organization but also tailoring the program and processes to meet the necessary needs. There is however a unique key for every change process, based on the principals of human psychology, only Center for Work Life has the talent that backs that capability because it is developed through a proven behavior system program that once completed, will put the keys in your hands.

Center for Work Life’s Change Model

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Dr. Farnaz established the Center for Work Life to help organizations and professionals address challenges in productivity, through solving human capital costs resulting from high health care liabilities and turnover, stress and information overload and to help bring equilibrium and balance to the organization. Having had over 15 years of experience as a trainer, and human capital consultant to Fortune 500 organizations, she offers clients practical and customized solutions to their business and professional dilemmas which get at the heart of the issue, rather than putting a temporary bandage on it. The Center for Work Life menu of services is comprised of behaviorally effective and scientifically valid methodologies backed by years of research, and proven effective through the high accolades given year after year by our clients. These services were designed based on first hand knowledge experience gained both as an employee and as a psychologist working in corporate environments and witnessing as to what works and what has demonstrated to be a failed situation. Through engagement, my clients are able to make confident and financially viable choices involving their staff and team, attain extraordinary awareness and interpersonal growth, lower turn-over and master sustained growth and career satisfaction. We offer the gifts of freedom from paying high unnecessary costs and sustained peak performance, year after year.

How We Do It

You are a c-level executive. You are a department director or an entrepreneur with leadership challenges. Bottom-line you are a performer interested in success and sustained growth. Although, your organization and industry has its own unique offerings, strategies and direction, the fundamental fact is that you want to be influential and drive the success of your team.

Examples of Business and Leadership Concerns

  1. Have you lost the passion and drive to catapult your business strategy and work smarter rather than harder?
  2. Do you feel you can’t be recognized well enough to get to that level in the organization that you desire? Not enough hours in a day to meet your goals?
  3. Has your organization experienced tremendous growth, yet you don’t believe your leadership skills are up to par?
  4. Do you feel your performance and your growth in the organization are on two different planes?
  5. Is your team lacking synergy and sticking to the status quo?
  6. Is your product/team hungry for some real innovation?
  7. Are you or member(s) of your team lacking the communication/social savvy to move the business forward
  8. Are your networks and relationships suffering as a result of your lack of work life balance?
  9. Are you stuck behind a daily routine that doesn’t leave room for your future or your career goals?
  10. Are you at odds with motivating and engaging your team?
  11. Are you stuck in a turnover cycle with your hiring process?
  12. Is your leadership team speaking different languages?
  13. Are you part of a leadership team with conflicting strategies, vision and goals?
  14. Are your personal goals in conflict with your career goals? or perhaps your business partners think very differently than you?

Meeting FarnaszWe have provided solutions for our valued customers in many industries; read about some of their experiences:

Law and Accounting
Real Estate and Mortgage

The pains experienced by the successful are behavioral, not technical. You have already done well. Now, are you ready to be great?

We have worked closely with highly successful people and organizations and have witnessed their climb up the ladder. We have laughed as they have triumphed and we have planned, debriefed and analyzed their challenges.

With a pulse on human behavior and the tools and principles that are key to success, I do not just guide you; I catapult you to the top.

Dr. Farnaz Namin