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Speaking Fees and Formats

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Speaking Fees and Formats

Speaking Fees And Formats

This is an overall themed format with one sole goal in mind: to move your audience. It is not designed to sell me, my services, or you or your services. It is designed to energize the audience and get them inspired toward a goal that plays a role in their position, life or both. My Keynotes are generally 1 hour not including Q & A. CD and sample engagements are available upon request.

Our 60-90 minute keynote presentations can be a great opener or closing presentation for physician appreciation dinners or medical conferences.

Workshops and Seminars

Many times organizations utilize the term seminar and workshop interchangeably. In reality, seminars are designed for the audience to learn through the presenter, with limited audience participation other than Q & A. Whereas workshops are more audience participated, with roundtables, breakout sessions, and one-on-ones. I offer both formats and depending on the topic you are interested in can customize the best solution for your audience. Typically seminars are 45 min-1 hour and workshops are 1/2 day to full day.

Team Engagement

These are events designed to get your team to “play” outside of their usual setting. They can range from offering brainstorming sessions, to fun activities, or post-change re-engineering. They are typically 1-3 full days, with locations and activities custom designed according to your team. If you are unsure about what best meets your objectives, feel free to contact me and we can discuss more details.


She is experienced in hosting and participating in interactive and informative Webinars. Webinars are often 30 minutes to 1 hour and allow for a large audience to dial in from their remote location. This is a terrific format for long-distance training at low cost.

Expert Speaking Fees

We customize all of our speaking engagements to the needs of our clients. Fees are variable according to the type of program. Programs range from one hour, to half or full-day to several days in the even you are preparing for a conference, retreat or management team power-up.


She believes that most businesses and most people die full of potential and that one of the biggest obstacles confronting many people and organizations today is that they dream vaguely but remorse specifically. She strongly believes that your values should be part of your action plan.



An avid lover of cultures and languages, she believes that the formula for speaking to one vs. one million is the same. You have to appeal to people’s realities and challenges. Having worked internationally with various organizations, she believes the key to powerful speaking is one that moves the audience. Personal and business are kept separate in the world of business. But she believes, to make a difference in the lives of your audience, business needs to be personal. She shares the lessons from her career and her traveling adventures in a genuine, fun, powerful, and very informative presentation that challenges the audience to unleash their full potential.



As an expert in emotional intelligence, and paralinguistic analysis, she utilizes her training in Industrial/organizational psychology, to define the key strategies successful executives and professionals, need to maximize their influence in the careers. Performance has key components that apply to all areas of life and success principles, and she speaks to audiences regarding ethics, truth telling, and value driven proportions to inspire the clarity of goals to define and obtain sustained positive results. She is often times called the “the force” or “Achilles” because her motivation comes from a no none sense and real approach to getting at the heart of the matter. With a diverse background, and a career which has gone across coasts and globally, she has worked with diverse populations and cultures and has experienced training and developing talent in the U.S., Middle-East, South America, Asia and Europe. She is an advocate and problem-solver to the global workforce and works tirelessly to solve productivity dilemmas. She has been a keynote speaker for various organizations and is sought after due to her direct, intriguing and thought provoking presentation on relevant and controversial topics.



Speaking fees range depending on the type of format and hours that are suitable for the topic and the client organization. One hour workshops generally start at $500 and full day seminars are usually reduced to $2100.00 per day or $3500 for two days. We custom design all of our speaking engagements to fit the audience and industry, so please inquire within for specific details and pricing once you have an event or date in mind.


“We had the distinct pleasure of working with her, Center for Work Life, for the past couple of years when she was the keynote speaker for two of our Central Florida Employment Council workshops. I was very impressed with her both as a presenter, motivator and professional. We are thrilled to say that her skill as a trainer kept our diverse group fully engaged. Here presentations are extremely powerful and practical! Whether you want to improve and expand your team’s skills or just stretch their comfort zone, the course Conflict Management was amazing. Although many of her ideas were new, everyone found it easy to understand these new and inspiring concepts about Management Models for Resolving Conflict in the Workplace. The feedback has been positive all around and we look forward to working with her once again in the near future.”

As managers we need to know how to solve complex issues and resolve differences of opinions between employees and council members. Your strategies for dealing with conflict were a tremendous help and will really help us moving forward in solving problems as they arise.