Intelligent Outcomes for Success
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Main Topics:

Change Management
Communication Strategies
Leadership Development and Training
Talent Management and Acquisition

Topic Workshop Options:

Change Management
Communication Strategies
Leadership Development and Training
Talent Management and Acquisition


  • Job search and career bliss
  • You think you’ve got it made? From promotion to succession
  • “Life is a box of chocolates.”  Which truffle are you on? How to be on-purpose with your career choices during various life stages
  • Career suicide. How to avoid burnout through tools of work-life balance
  • Heaven and Hell are on Earth. Stress and time management for better performance outcomes
  • You are on fire! Or wait, is there a fire on the way? Using emotional intelligence to maneuver the minefield called your organization
  • Anxiety is not a talent.  Strategies to avoid everyday stress and a bad attitude

Change Management

  • Your Cheese is moved.  Let’s deal with It!  Leadership change management and cultivation of culture
  • I love you, now change.  Building a culture of employee trust and engagement
  • The blended family. They way we never were.  Post-merger employee satisfaction and productivity
  • The good the bad and the ugly.  Building the infrastructure for change
  • The care and feeding of your brain child.  The various business life-cycles and the needed responses to growth
  • Diamond in the rough.  Leadership behavior before, during and post change
  • Jack Who? The best players pick the best teams.  The alignment of your people with your organization’s strategic plan and competitive advantage
  • Give them what they want.  How to launch an effective training program

Communication Strategies

  • Eye of the tiger! Leadership communication for power and influence
  • Can you hear me now? Multi-generational communication.  How to effectively communicate and understand Xers, Millennials and Baby-boomers
  • War and peace without price and prejudice.  The power of persuasion: How to network and sell with the “EI” edge
  • They’ll come if you build it awesome; organization branding and culture
  • Conflict Resolution strategies that helped build the Taj Mahal

Leadership Development and Training

  • Mr. Who? Creating a culture of character in a company
  • Your team, your representation.  Assessing work teams for leadership and succession
  • Mirror, Mirror.  The ROI of leading with emotional intelligence
  • Check your ego at the door.  The leader’s dilemma
  • Go ahead, make my day.  Conflict resolution vs. conflict avoidance training
  • Tired of being tired? Positive leadership; how to ward off negative energy in a draining environment
  • Your Mojo.  Your leadership style.  It’s not one size fits all.
  • The truth and nothing but. How to run engaging and effective meetings
  • Iron fist or diamond handshake? Work-force engagement that lasts

Talent Management and Acquisition

  • Turnover.  It’s what’s eating you! Reducing turnover costs with a bang
  • Your culture, your asset. Increasing ROI by implementing an effective HR Strategy all around; talent acquisition, selction, and  retention
  • Great personality? Guess again! Utilizing psychometrically sound methodologies for hiring strategically
  • Selling your wall décor.  Selling rather than telling the organization “mission” for better employee and customer loyalty
  • Red, yellow and green.  Signs of  ineffective work teams and the toll on your organization
  • Doomsday doesn’t knock.  How to effectively create and implement succession plans for your organization
  • Love them, or they’ll leave you.  How to design and implement effective engagement programs for your top performers