Elite Signals Review (Updated 2024): Is Elie Abou Faissal The Best Day Trading Coach?

Updated On: April 25, 2024

Welcome to my Elite Signals review. My goal is to answer common questions like: how much it costs, if it's a scam, and if you can actually make money with it. The end goal is to help you understand if it's a good fit for you personally, and if there are any better alternatives out there.
Elite Signals Review

This Elite Signals review has been throughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Hello, and welcome to my Elite Signals review. 

  • Ever feel like you’re pouring money into stocks, forex, options signals, crypto, futures, or the gold market, only to be in the red?
  • Wish you had a profitable trading strategy to follow?

It’s rough. You work hard for your money, and then it’s gone – poof – because the market decides to take a nosedive.

Maybe you’re even starting to doubt if trading is for you.

A lot of people feel stuck, their dreams of financial freedom seeming more like a fantasy.

You’ve probably tried a zillion trading courses, indicators, or signal rooms. They tell you they’ve got the ‘magic formula’, but when you try it… nothing changes. You start to wonder if these so-called ‘gurus’ are all talk and no results.

This brings us to Elite Signals and the brain behind it all, Elie Abou Faissal.

In this Elite Signals review, I’ll dig into whether Elie’s really the top-dog trading coach he claims to be. I’ll go over the cost, and address those whispers about Elite Signals being a scam…

Like Philip Fisher once said, “The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.”

Table of Contents

Program At A Glance


So, what’s Elite Signals by Elie Abou Faissal all about? It’s a trading community and educational platform that claims it can help you make informed trading decisions. It’s supposedly great for both newbies and experienced traders. You pay once and get lifetime access to Elite Signals, including all updates. Plus, there’s a community on their Discord channel where students can help each other learn. 

What I liked
Elite Signals claims to have an 85% win rate. This means better chances for profitable trades and a quicker path to financial freedom.
Elie Abou Faissal, the man behind Elite Signals, knows his stuff when it comes to forex trading and stock trading. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned trader, his wisdom will help you make smart trades and learn along the way.
Elite Signals uses a strong risk-reward ratio. This helps traders understand the market and the risks better. It's a good step towards successful trading. It helps you take smart, calculated risks and boosts your trading game.
What I Didn’t Like
Students often complain about Elite Signals' no refund policy. This can be a big turn-off, especially for new traders trying to navigate the ups and downs of the trading world. Safety nets like refunds can be a significant reassurance.
Some Elite Signals students have concerns about the membership's signal accuracy. Remember, Elite's main goal is to help traders make smart decisions based on reliable market trends. Not-so-accurate signals could mess this up, and even cause you to lose money
If you're paying for Elite Signals, you'd want to feel special, right? But some users say it's lacking that 'exclusive' touch. This means the stuff you get, might be found elsewhere. If that's the case, it really makes you question the value of Elite Signals.
Time Investment2/5The time required to learn and gain experience in trading varies greatly from person to person, and patience, perseverance, and a willingness to learn are essential.
Level of Command1/5Elite Signals claims to offer a proprietary Elite Algo algorithm that can increase the accuracy of market predictions, with an 85% win rate. However, the volatility of markets and the risks involved in trading make this claim questionable. 
Ease of Implementation1/5Elite Signals offers a proprietary Elite Algo indicator and signals that are easy to learn. However, users need a complete understanding of market dynamics and plenty of trading experience to trade effectively.

TLDR – What’s The Verdict On Elite Signals By Elie Abou Faissal?

TLDR – What’s The Verdict On Elite Signals By Elie Abou Faissal

So, you’ve found Elite Signals and you’re ready for a big payday, right? I think we all do. 

But be careful, my friend. In the hunt for a quick buck, scammers often come into play. 

Even with expert systems, getting it right is hard. And one error could turn your financial month sour. 

I’m not saying you’re doomed. Just know what you’re stepping into. 

What if there was an alternative?

What if you could start profiting in a few days?

No obsessing over phone alerts, no stress from losses. Just a steady income of $2,000 – $10,000 per month, without burning the midnight oil. 

Sound interesting? Then consider the Digital Rental Method. But if you’re keen on Elite Signals, stick around for a closer look.

Who Benefits And Doesn’t Benefit From Elite Signals? 

Who Benefits And Doesn't Benefit From Elite Signals 

Who Benefits:

  1. If you’re new to trading and looking for help, Elie Abou Faissal’s experience in the forex market and stock trading could make him a great mentor.
  2. If you appreciate a large community Elite Signals offers a free discord channel where new traders can interact and learn from more experienced traders.
  3. If you prefer a combination of automated trading signals and hands-on learning with free courses and strategy videos.

Who Doesn’t Benefit:

  1. If you’re not willing to commit to the recurring membership fee or the lifetime fee. The elite signals cost may not be affordable for everyone.
  2. If you expect immediate results or financial freedom. Trading requires patience, risk management, and continuous learning.
  3. If you rely solely on signals and fail to do your own research or due diligence. While signals can be helpful, they should never replace your own analysis.

Elite Signals – The 1,000FT Overview Of This Online Opportunity

Elite Signals - The 1,000FT Overview Of This Online Opportunity

Elite Signals is making waves on social media. It claims to be your golden ticket to financial freedom through trading. But with a mix of rave reviews and scam warnings, it’s tough to know what to believe.

Let’s see if Elite Signals is all it’s cracked up to be. I’m going to go through everything you need to know, including the business model, cost, and more. Let’s jump right in!

Business Model

Elite Signals is all about giving you up-to-the-minute info to make smart trading choices. It’s not just about buying and selling signals. They offer a full trading platform, including tools like the Elite Algo indicator and an elite oscillator. 

A standout feature is their demo account. This lets you get a feel for trading in a safe, simulated environment. No risk, and lots of learning. It comes with free coaching, handy strategy videos, and even free courses. 

But let’s face it, trading can be tough.

Studies show that 80% of day traders quit within the first two years because it’s harder than they thought.

So, you’ll need solid prep work, ongoing learning, and a heap of patience. 

No one can promise you’ll be rolling in cash overnight.

Day trading isn’t as easy as Elie wants you to believe. According to a study by the University of California, only about 1% of day traders consistently earn money. This indicates a very low success rate. 

And did you know?

Less than 1% of day traders can accurately predict short-term market trends. This shows you just how tough it is to master technical analysis, especially for new traders.

Now that’s some food for thought!

About The Guru- Elie Abou Faissal

About The Guru Elie Abou Faissal

Elie Abou Faissal is the brains behind Elite Signals. He’s a pro in forex and stock trading. What sets Elie apart is his approach to learning and trading. He doesn’t believe in one magic formula for everyone. 

From newbie to expert, Elie’s journey shows his persistence to win. He made the Elite Algo algorithm, a unique trading tool that reflects his deep market understanding. 

But, is Elie Abou Faissal a good day trading coach? Sure, he’s got experience.

But a lot of students aren’t happy with his Elite Signals program. Some even call it a scam. Trading can be risky, sure. But these negative reviews make you wonder, right?

Some traders praise and complain about the group’s effectiveness and the size of the discord channel.

They feel the personal touch in their trading journey is missing. 

Some traders even call Elite Signals a scam. 


Elite Signals Cost

Elite Signals Cost

Ok, so Elite Signals sure talks a big game. Some traders aren’t too happy with it though.

They’re saying that it’s a scam and that the signals are often wrong. Even with over 30 analysts giving signals for all sorts of stuff, it seems like not everyone’s making money.  

And let’s talk about that price tag – $795 for the lifetime all-inclusive, $149.95 quarterly, and $67.95 monthly. Is it really worth all that cash? Only you can answer that.

Make sure you match the Elite Signals cost against what you think you’ll make from it. You’ve got to consider whether the cost is something you can handle in the long run.   

Also, that Discord channel they rave about? Sure, it’s got a lot of people and info, but don’t think it’s the only place for learning. Other trading platforms are offering similar stuff, sometimes even for less dough.

Plus, even though Elite Signals promises you can break free financially, that’s not a sure deal. It really depends on how good you are at trading, if the signals are accurate, and a bunch of other market stuff. 

Elite Signals promises a ton, but it’s not flawless. You gotta be smart and think for yourself. 

How Is Elite Signals Different From Other Similar Programs? 

Elite Signals’ claim to fame is the Elite Algo, their special trading algorithm. But remember – no tool can predict market movements perfectly. Trading is complex and goes beyond what any algorithm can grasp. 

Joining Elite Signals gets you access to their experienced trader community. They’re a great place to get tips and learn but don’t take everything you hear as the absolute truth. We all have different financial situations, so what works for one person, might not work for you. 

Your success in trading largely depends on your knack for spotting trends, assessing risks and making the right moves at the right times.

Any platform, Elite Signals included, can’t replace this. Don’t rely solely on signals, you might end up on the wrong side of a trade.

Elie sure does have some chops. But just because he’s making profits using his strategies, it doesn’t mean they’ll work for everyone. 

Reviewers are throwing shade at Elie for inaccurate trading signals. Remember, at the end of the day, trading isn’t about copying other people’s moves.

What’s Inside Elite Signals?

What’s Inside Elite Signals

Elite Signals sure seems to offer a flashy toolkit for traders of all skill levels. 

With its advanced elite signals indicator, future signals at your fingertips, and personalized trading signals, it can look pretty tempting. But, it’s best to have a second look when something glimmers like gold. 

Elite Algo also provides continuous learning opportunities and strategy sessions. It sounds awesome, but, are these really effective? Is the info fresh and in line with the current market trends? Is it positively affecting your trading performance?

The Discord community is a big sell too.

But, think about it; is it a controlled space with genuine and helpful discussion? A group of traders can offer a sense of companionship in your trading journey, but without strict moderation, it could end up spreading the wrong info.   

Having a demo account looks super attractive. It lets you practice without risk. But what about the reality of a live trade? Can a demo account really prepare a newbie for the risky trading world?  

While lifetime updates may seem handy for staying on top of market changes, it’s important to question their regularity and relevance. Are they really helping you keep pace with the market or are they just overwhelming you with excess information?

Unveiling Elite Signals Scam: My Personal Opinion

Unveiling Elite Signals Scam My Personal Opinion

Okay, let’s talk about the million-dollar question: Is Elite Signals a scam? No.

You can totally make money, but it’s more complex than Elie lets on. 

Financial products always involve significant risk. Sure, you might strike it rich and retire early, but the stress involved could cost you years of life… that is if you even make it in the first place. 

Want the honest truth? Many of the impressive figures you see in ads for financial programs are somewhat misleading. They often overlook the many losing trades that came before that one big win. 

Trading isn’t easy, folks. It’s a wild world filled with trends, news, and even emotions. Any course you take, even one taught by experts, won’t promise you’ll always win.

Sure, they offer tools, strategies, and even a group of people who are also trading. But in the end, putting these into action and making smart decisions is up to you. 

Got the stamina to endure three months of continuous losses before hopefully nabbing a big win? Most people don’t. Instead, why not spend that time building Digital Rental Properties?

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Second: income.

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Other Options Than Elite Signals

Still, thinking about dipping your toes in the trading world? Set on Elite Signals?

Remember, it’s smart to check out other choices too, like Warrior Trading, Cashflowpreneur, Stock Hours, Trade With Me, or My Investing Club. 

Bear in mind – trading isn’t a quick way to get rich.

It’s tough and takes time, effort, and lots of learning. You need to be cool with taking risks and managing them well.

Don’t just focus on the positive reviews, negative reviews can be really helpful too.

Trading is tricky.

Whether it’s Forex, futures, or you want to trade stocks, it’s not a walk in the park. 

Why so tough? The market can change in a split second.

There’s a lot of stuff that contributes to these changes – economic trends, world events, and even people’s opinions. So, you’ve got to stay on top of your game to roll with these market swings. 

Trading isn’t just about making money. It’s also about avoiding big losses. This is where risk management comes in. You need to make smart decisions about when to buy, when to sell, and how much money to risk. Yup, it’s a real balancing act! 

Conclusion- To Buy Or Not To Buy According To The Elite Signals Review

Conclusion- To Buy Or Not To Buy According To The Elite Signals Review

So you’re thinking about forking out cash for Elite Signals? Let’s chat about it. After doing some serious digging, I’d say it’s a good idea to hit the pause button. Here’s why. 

First off, these guys promise the world, right? They say they’ve got a special trading bot, forex signals, futures signals access, alerts, and even courses and coaching. But then you look at the price tag. Shelling out $795 as a one-time fee or regular membership fee? 

That’s a hefty hit for those just dipping their toes into the trading pond.

This, plus the fact they don’t offer refunds, raises a red flag. No refunds suggest they’re not exactly backing their promises with confidence, don’t you think?

Let’s talk about risk.

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Did Elite Signals Make The List?

Trading is risky. Period.

Over 80% of folks lose money on trades. And successful traders barely make a profit half the time. Signals might give you a peek into the market’s possible direction, but they can’t shield you from risk.

Rookie traders, consider this your wake-up call. 

Then there are negative reviews flying around. Folks complain about delayed buy and sell signals, cancellation nightmares, and the unreliable Elite Algo trading indicator.

Their Discord channel is filled with scammers trying to get you with phony updates. 

With all the scam claims, a no-refund policy, and Elite Signals’ ambitious claims, you’d be right to be doubtful. 

The bottom line? Don’t buy it.

There are other, more trustworthy options to make money out there.

What’s My Number #1 Way To Make Money Online In 2024?

What’s My Number #1 Way To Make Money Online

I’ve experimented with so many different ways of making money online.

From trading cryptocurrency and buying hot-shot “insider stock tip” newsletters, to selling novelty items on Amazon FBA and even women’s health supplements via affiliate marketing; I’ve done it all!

However, if you’re looking for a straight answer, I’ll make it crystal clear – there’s no perfect business model.

But the one that has yielded me the most success is the Digital Rental Method

Whether you’re a newbie to the online business world, or you’ve gambled through a few businesses without hitting a ‘big win’, the Digital Rental Method could be your game-changer.


Time- Your Way: Got a couple of hours to spare each day? Perfect! You can make use of the Elite Signals program by Elie Abou Faissal.

More time equals faster results, but a few daily hours can take you a long way too. And hey, this isn’t a traditional job – when the income starts rolling in, it sticks around, letting you enjoy your reclaimed time!

You Own It All: When you’re dancing with the markets, it’s tricky to stay in control. All those market-shaping economic trends? They could care less about your plans. Limit the guesswork with a Digital Rental Method – you have control in your hands over every asset.

It’s Mostly Copy-Paste: Once you’ve set up your first Digital Rental Property, you can create a new one just by copy-pasting. Imagine doubling your income with a few simple clicks and a phone call – it sure beats doubling the number of winning trades or profits per trade in the markets, right?

Make a Difference & Earn: Trading only benefits you, but Digital Leasing helps real businesses with real problems. Remember, there’s always a losing party in trading. 

With Digital Leasing, you’re answering the cries of many small businesses needing one thing: customers. By channeling clients to these businesses, you make a substantial difference. Those businesses will happily pay for your help. 

Imagine helping a parent provide for their family or fund their child’s education. That’s the sort of meaningful impact that gives you a good night’s sleep.

So, it’s your move. Carry on exploring programs like Elite Signals with dodgy results, or spend months, even years, in fruitless research. 

Instead, why not listen to your heart’s desires and take decisive action—like the countless students before you who’ve managed to gain a fortune while helping others?

If this sounds like you, click here to see how it all works.



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