Practical Programmatic SEO Review (Updated 2024): Is Ian Nuttall The Best SEO Guru?

Updated On: March 20, 2024


Welcome to my Practical Programmtic SEO review. My goal is to answer common questions like: how much it costs, if it's a scam, and if you can actually make money with it. The end goal is to help you understand if it's a good fit for you personally, and if there are any better alternatives out there.
Practical Programmatic SEO Review

This Practical Programmtic SEO review has been throughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Hey there! Welcome to my Practical Programmatic SEO review. You’re probably here because:

  1. You’ve just about had it with your 9-5 grind and you’re dreaming about being an SEO superstar.
  2. You’re scouting for the ultimate SEO program to fire up your online biz.
  3. You’re stocking up on rock-solid reasons to tell your significant other that this time, it’s not another internet thingamajig.

Been on my review ride before? You know I keep it real. I’ve dived deep into tons of online bytes and after a rollercoaster of hits and misses, then came along Practical Programmatic SEO.

So buckle up, rip open that snack bag, and for the next couple of minutes, let’s peek behind the curtains at:

  1. If the Practical Programmatic SEO can level up your online visibility and potentially fatten your wallet.
  2. If the Practical Programmatic SEO is all talk and no action when it comes to nailing SEO strategies.
  3. What goodies do you get when you sign up for Practical Programmatic SEO.

Table of Contents

Program At A Glance


Ian Nuttall’s Practical Programmatic SEO is an all-inclusive SEO course created for bloggers, developers, and business owners. It caters to all skill levels, with a range of tools designed for mastering and implementing SEO strategies. However, it lacks a community.

What I liked
You get access to written and video lessons, data sets, keyword suggestions, Notion docs, and spreadsheets which will make learning and applying programmatic SEO techniques easier.
The course is neatly structured into four sections which makes it easy to understand and navigate through the course.
What I Didn’t Like
The Practical Programmatic SEO course doesn't provide refunds for subscription purchases which might be a worry if you aren't certain the course suits your needs.
There's a lack of visible success stories from students, making it hard for future students to measure the impact of the course.
Time Level3/5With 70+ lessons averaging about 15 minutes each, you need to dedicate substantial time to grasp the material effectively.
Level of Command4/5Practical Programmatic SEO offers content that can be easily understood and implemented at different proficiency levels.
Ease of Implementation2/5While the course provides detailed explanations and resources, if you have no experience in SEO or coding you may find certain concepts challenging.

TLDR – What’s The Verdict On The Practical Programmatic SEO By Ian Nuttall?

 What’s The Verdict On The Practical Programmatic SEO By Ian Nuttall

Practical Programmatic SEO is all about “lead generation”. Super cool online biz model.

However, Practical Programmatic SEO, wouldn’t be at the top of my list for the best course on Lead Gen. 

My absolute fave for lead-gen? The Digital Rental Method program by Josh Osborne & Sean Kochel. Now they know how it’s done! 

Why? Well, there are good and bad ways when lead generating.

The ugly method? Old SEO tricks and shadowy Google My Business lists.

A single Google algorithm change and boom, your empire goes poof! I know buddies who lost a sweet $50K/mo to almost zilch in a day. Yikes!  Plan to wrestle a 200-billion-per-year tech monster? Good luck. 

On the other hand, good lead gen? It’s about playing nice with Google and Facebook while creating your own top-notch digital assets. 

You create a badass landing page that drives quality leads, then sell ’em to a client for a fee. Sounds like you’re a… lead dealer. 

By now you must know I’m all about this lead-gen program. I mean, I make over 20K/mo on autopilot with it. 

It hands you the A-Z to create a solid revenue stream. You could make a few thousand to 10K+/mo. And the best part? You only need a couple of hours each day and can scale it as big or small as you want to. 

Wanna check it out? See the Digital Rental Method program here. 

Okay, done jabbering. Let’s move on to who benefits from the Practical Programmatic SEO program. 

Who Benefits And Doesn’t Benefit From The Practical Programmatic SEO?

Who Benefits And Doesn't Benefit From The Practical Programmatic SEO

Are scratching your head, wondering if the Practical Programmatic SEO is your cup of tea? You’re in good company! By seeing who’s jumping for joy and who’s not, you can figure out just how handy Ian Nuttall’s tool is for you.

Are you a blogger craving more clicks? Practical Programmatic SEO might just be your new best friend. Blogs that feature content optimized for search engines receive 434% more indexed pages.

Or are you a developer with mad coding skills? Practical Programmatic SEO might take your SEO game to the next level and make your content rain. Websites that load within 5 seconds have a 70% longer average session duration compared to slower sites.

An entrepreneur? It’s time to drive huge traffic to your site and watch those dollar signs clickety-clack. 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search, highlighting the importance of SEO in driving online visibility and traffic.

And who doesn’t benefit from Practical Programmatic SEO…

Hey, Refund Chasers! Bad news…Practical Programmatic SEO ain’t got no refund deal. So, if you’re huntin’ for a safety net, sorry buddy, you might have to look elsewhere.

The Practical Programmatic SEO- The 1,000FT Overview Of This Online Opportunity

The Practical Programmatic SEO- The 1,000FT Overview Of This Online Opportunity

Let’s get into the nitty gritty details about The Practical Programmatic SEO program…

The Business Model

Practical Programmatic SEO is an interesting program by a guy named Ian Nuttall. He’s here to show you how to step up your SEO game and get more people to check out your content.

Practical Programmatic is a complete course that teaches you everything you need to get started building programmatic SEO projects.

The course isn’t just a list of tips and tricks. You’ll also get to download some really helpful stuff, too. Things like keyword lists, handy spreadsheets, and more.

The course is a mix of words, videos, and other resources. So, whether you learn best by reading, watching, or doing, Ian’s got you covered. 

You’ll learn how to churn out top-notch blog posts faster than you can say, “I heart SEO.” 

The Guru – Ian Nuttall

Ian Nuttall

Meet Ian Nuttall – the big cheese of Practical Programmatic SEO. He’s been rocking the SEO world since 2005. And get this, he’s also Mr. Popular on Twitter with over 34.9k followers.

He recently made waves with the launch of URL Monitor. Basically, it’s like a watchdog for your website links, helping Google find and index new pages faster. All for just $10 a month! 

His home base? The charming town of Bingham, England. 

So, what’s Ian’s teaching style like,? Well, imagine a delicious SEO knowledge smoothie, blending written content, videos, datasets, keyword ideas, Notion docs, and spreadsheets. 


The Practical Programmatic SEO Cost

Got $197 bucks to spare? Then you can join Practical Programmatic SEO! That’s the one-time price for Ian Nuttall’s Practical Programmatic SEO bonanza.

How Is The Practical Programmatic SEO Tools Different From Other Similar Programs? 

Known as an industry expert, Nuttall’s course has been creating waves in the digital marketing cosmos. Let’s break down the burning question: What makes Ian Nuttal’s Practical Programmatic SEO different?

  • Chock-full of knowledge: You’ll find everything from beginner’s guides to advanced ones. Including case studies, tool lists, and video tutorials.
  • Don’t wanna code? No worries!: Ian’s got you covered with a “No-Code” course. You get videos, case studies, lists of tools – all without typing a single <div>.
  • No need to rob a bank: The “No-Code” course is high-quality without emptying your pockets.
  • Teacher = SEO Jedi Master: Ian Nuttall is a programmatic SEO whizz, boss, guru… whatever you call the top dog in any field. Learning from him is like getting lightsaber training from Yoda.

Unveiling The Practical Programmatic SEO Scam: My Personal Opinion

Unveiling The Practical Programmatic SEO Scam My Personal Opinion

Got a burning question on your mind? Is the Practical Programmatic SEO strategy a scam? 

I wouldn’t call it a scam. Ian isn’t gonna take your cash and hightail it outta here. It’s a decent lead-gen course, alright. But, believe it or not, it’s not my fave course ever

Here’s the juice – the Digital Rental Method program. This baby is loaded with 30+ proven templates (targets, keywords, you name it) so you can hit the road running.  

Not just that, the brains behind this operation run a million-dollar agency, ain’t that something? 

Imagine this: Chill for a few hours, crank out a site, and bingo! A recurring $500-$2000 check has your name on it. And in a week or two? You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank! 

Can’t believe what you’re reading? Double-check with the Digital Rental Method. All you need is a laptop and some WiFi! 

Guess what? Some of my pals are seriously livin’ it up, and they owe it all to the Digital Rental Method: 

  • Long, chill camping trips, you say?
  • Scoring sweet beach houses in Hawaii? Yep!
  • Hitting the road in a cozy camper van? Absolutely!

Living the dream first, making the cash second. Thanks to this beauty

Take some time off? The money keeps coming. 

Thinking about waving goodbye to your 9-5? Click here to see how it all works.

What’s Inside The Practical Programmatic SEO?

What’s Inside The Practical Programmatic SEO

Hungry for a glimpse of what’s cooking inside the Practical Programmatic SEO? Let’s take a quick look.

For Bloggers and Publishers

Whether you’re launching a fresh site or juicing up your established blog, Practical Programmatic SEO has you covered. 

He’ll break down the best WordPress plugins for churning out posts (which is mega for your topical relevance, just saying) and upgrading your layout and web of internal links with block magic. 

“Wait, I’m not rolling with WordPress!”

No biggie. Whether you’re cruising with Webflow or werkin’ it with Wix, he’s got fundamental examples to help you create a programmatic site. So, you’ll be good to go no matter your CMS choice. 

Don’t sweat the details! Ian’s case studies are your personal SEO guide. He’ll make sure your programmatic SEO site skills are off the charts! 

“Isn’t WordPress slow with lots of posts?!”

It can be, yes. But Ian says there are ways to make it work – even at a ridiculous scale (I’m talking 20k+ posts!).

For example:

  • Keep your clusters tight! Not all programmatic seo websites need to be thousands of pages. With the right data, you can get hyper-focused and create a lot fewer pages while maintaining the super high quality that will give you that sweet, sweet, topical authority.
  • To make cash, you need to cache. Caching plugins for WordPress are very good these days. Personally, he uses Cloudflare and their Cache Everything option alongside WP Rocket but you can use whatever floats your boat.
  • Stop installing all the plugins! Do you really need to install that plugin to add one block to the editor that you know is only gonna be used on one post? Probably not 😉

He covers all of this and more inside the course but, rest assured, you can build some b-e-a-utiful programmatic seo pages in WordPress.

For Developers

As a developer, you have the “programmatic” part – you just need the SEO…

Learn fundamental SEO and you’ll be unstoppable! Your dev skills are a superpower when it comes to programmatic SEO. If you can combine them with the basics of SEO the world is your oyster. 

Chances are you already know the basics of doing programmatic SEO using code. A good framework like Laravel or Django will give you everything you need:

  • Lots of data! There’s no need to be importing CSVs into WordPress when you can hook your code up to Postgres or MySQL. Creating new sections is limited only by your SQL queries!
  • Route your traffic. Create your URLs with /weather-in-{city}/ route parameters and then use the variable in your controllers and templates.
  • Advanced templating. Whether you use Twig, Jinja, Nunjucks or any other randomly named templating framework – you can create advanced loops, conditional content, and content to build truly impressive templates.

What about the “SEO” part?

That’s where this programmatic SEO course can help you. He’ll cover the SEO “tricks” you might not know to launch your programmatic SEO or programmatic SEO OS site properly.

The core of this will be:

  1. Keyword research. Learn how to find keywords that have repeatable patterns that you can use as routes in your framework. You can then check the SERPs to see if you stand a chance of ranking for them.
  2. Finding data to use. There’s lots of data available for free, and you’re a dev so you can also scrape public information too! This can be automated, one-time, or whatever the project needs.
  3. Creating content. SEO-friendly content is pretty easy. Make it useful, and readable, give programmatic seo examples, and use your experience. With data, you can provide tables and charts that can get those delicious links that Google says you don’t need but you really do.
  4. Indexing your content. Visitors can’t land on your site if the pages aren’t in Google, so you need to figure out how to do that at scale. Spoiler alert: it can be tricky and Google sucks (but there are some ways to index as many pages as possible!).

And that’s it. Programmatic SEO is still mostly SEO. Nail that, then go and build something awesome.

For Business Owners

Ah, you’re looking to improve your bottom line with some programmatic SEO, huh? Scale content (and dollars) to 10x your business. Okay, let’s get down to brass tacks.

You run a SaaS or an e-commerce brand and you’re looking to scale your business by using programmatic SEO.

Maybe you’ve already got a team of developers and you’re looking to get them up to speed on SEO. Bottom line: you want a return on investment.

Programmatic SEO is a fantastic option for this. For a few reasons:

  1. It’s scalable! Using just one data source, you can add 100, 1,000, or even 10,000+ pieces of content to your site. Find the topics your customers are talking about and create content around them.
  2. Less maintenance is needed. You have a data source and a template that creates the content. Updates to every page built this way are made in just two places – the data source, and the template. Much more maintainable than 1,000 blog posts.
  3. Section-specific CTAs. Let’s say you’re a coffee brand and built a section around how much caffeine is in certain competitor brands. With programmatic SEO it’s a cinch to have a specific call-to-action here. Looking for a caffeine punch in the face that is 27% more potent than Starbucks? You got it!
  4. Grow that list! Every biz owner worth their salt wants an email list to reach potential and existing customers. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, your ROI is about $36. Do you want a 3,500% ROI? Then combine programmatic SEO with conversion rate optimization to scale your list (and your bank balance).

To put it simply: programmatic SEO lets you publish a lot of content quickly and can help you to increase your authority.

That’s just a fancy way of saying that it helps Google to better understand what your site is about so that it can better rank for related keywords.

Depending on your business, you can use programmatic SEO in a blog platform like WordPress, or work with a developer and a custom framework.

Top Alternatives To The Practical Programmatic SEO

So we’ve gone deep learning about Practical Programmatic SEO. However, the field is ripe with alternatives. 

SEO Blueprint: 

SEO Blueprint is a course focused on the latest strategies for creating and improving content and links for search engine optimization. 


Leadific is a one-stop CRM and pipeline management tool specifically for digital agencies. Founders Chance and Anthony let you sell their platform for a 50% commission, but you need to pay $18,995 first for access. The initial fee for using Leadific is $497/month. 

Online Revenue System 

Read Our In Depth Breakdown Of The Top 5 SEOOpp Courses For 2024

Did Practical Programmtic SEO Make The List?

The Online Revenue System is a 5-module course on social media management that comes with bonus materials and a custom CRM for finding leads. You can raise your concerns in a private Facebook group, but note that there’s no direct live training or coaching from the founders. 

Flat Fee Mastery 

Flat Fee Mastery is a free course teaching you how to sell websites to local business owners. This process also focuses on driving leads to web pages and directing them towards local businesses. It consists of 8 short videos. The program has its own Discord community with a moderator and an advanced coaching option. 

Rank Daddy 

Rank Daddy is a course that teaches you how to build a successful Local SEO agency. Its core goal lies in enhancing the visibility of clients’ websites on search engines like Google through valuable and relevant content. 

Conclusion- To Buy Or Not To Buy According To The Practical Programmatic SEO Review

To Buy Or Not To Buy According To The Practical Programmatic SEO Review

SEO’s kind of a big deal, right? You bet, and Practical Programmatic SEO, fronted by SEO whizz Ian Nuttall, is all about pushing your website into the spotlight.

It’s definitely not a scam. It covers the A-Z of SEO and throws in videos, documents, and spreadsheets. Whether you’re an SEO newbie or a seasoned pro, you’ll find something to learn.

But, hold on, don’t eye that beachfront property yet! 

While the course is pretty sound, it’s not exactly going to make you the big bucks. Sure, it’ll beef up your SEO skills, and maybe get more eyes on your website.

But the “making loads of cash” bit? Eh, not so guaranteed. There are other ways online that might even get better results. So, you know, keep your options open, and your SEO skills sharp!

What’s My Number #1 Way To Make Money Online In 2024?

What’s My Number #1 Way To Make Money Online

I’ve dabbled in different online business models and here’s my inside scoop: 

  • I’ve run a lead gen business
  • I’ve peddled fidget spinners via Amazon FBA
  • I’ve drop-shipped toilet-bowl putting greens (you read that right) on Shopify
  • I’ve marketed women’s health supplements via Clickbank marketing for an affiliate product review site.

Your perfect online business method? Doesn’t exist. But I’ve found a winner – the Digital Rental Method

Whether you’re a green newbie or a seasoned fighter without a trophy, this method’s for you, and here’s why: 

1) Low Time Commitment: 

If you’ve got an hour or two to spare each day, you’re in. You don’t need to grind 24/7 to make bank. In fact, you could vanish to Hawaii or Paris for a month and still cash $500-$2,000 checks regularly. How’s that for hands-off? 

2) Full Control: 

The reigns are in your hands. Unlike other lead gen models where Google can boot you anytime, this one’s yours truly. 

3) Copy-Paste Simplicity: 

Once you’ve nailed your first Digital Rental Property, all that’s left to do is copy-paste and find another ‘tenant’. Doubling your income just got a whole lot easier…and lazier! 

4) Sweet Profit Margins: 

Almost 100% profit margin? Yes, please! Each Digital Rental Property is worth at least $500/mo of semi-passive income. Best case scenario? You’re making a breezy $3,000+/mo on auto-pilot. Check it out here

5) Helping REAL People: 

You’re not just making money – you’re helping small businesses clinch the customers they desperately need. You’re helping parents keep their families cozy and their kids in college. This isn’t just business – it’s meaning. 

So, where to from here? You could gamble with other lead-gen programs.

You could sink into endless research…or, you could step up, take the leap, and transform your hopes and dreams into reality, while actually making a difference. 

Time to weigh your options, buddy.

If this sounds like you, click here to see how it all works.



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