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Hobbit In The Office

The Hobbit in the Office

The Hobbit in the Office Tolkien’s creativity has captured our imaginations for generations, but more importantly his stories tap into some everyday truths. From addressing unlikely friendships like that of Gimli the dwarf and Legolas the elf to the large picture struggle between good and evil, these stories are timeless. Maybe the most fascinating thing …

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Motivating Employee

Management Tips for Motivating Employees

Management Tips for Motivating Employees It is Management Monday! Any manager can attest to the importance of employee motivation. Without proper motivation, organizations typically suffer huge setbacks including high turnover, low morale and ultimately declining success due to lack of employee productivity. This is a chain of unwanted outcomes that typically are not brought on …

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Health Care For Bus

Big Bad Wolf Care

Big Bad Wolf Care Management Monday: Managing the Future of Organizational Healthcare It’s been abuzz for months and now the time has come for Obamacare to kick in. Despite difficulty to resolve conflict and the big bad wolf vibe of Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), it may not be as bad as it’s been portrayed. Questions continue concerning …

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The Success Block

The Success Block

The Success Block We have all heard of the writers’ block.  This is when a writer who is usually a brilliant communicator and fluidly exudes energy in writing and developing their content, cannot get the pen to make contact with the paper to move forward.  The writer becomes “stuck”.  It is commonly believed that writers’ …

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